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Wooden Perpetual Calendar for Kids

I'm so glad I made this wooden perpetual calendar! My intention was to create a kids calendar that would be interactive. I wanted my boys to be able to hold the pieces so they needed to be sturdy too. With my grabby one year old I had to use pieces that didn't pose a choking hazard. I also knew that it would be fun to have my four year old help set up the calendar at the start of each month and that he'd enjoy removing off each day piece at night. This is what I came up with!

My son has loved seeing when the next holiday is and he has a much more clear understanding of what a week or month is. Not to mention he is learning numbers and the days of the week and the names of the months. Would he get all of this from hanging a regular calendar in his room? I don't think so. It is the interactive part of this calendar that makes it such a fun learning tool.

Plus, it looks nice (paint one to match a room!) and it will last for years to come. No more calendars to buy, ever.

Wooden Perpetual Calendar Instructions:

wooden perpetual calendar

My base was a 16" x 20" piece of pine. I sanded it lightly and then drew the grid in pencil with a ruler. Each square was 2.25" square. Then I woodburned the grid and finally lightly painted the board. I painted the top with chalkboard paint so I could write the month at the top.

I could have made wooden plaques for the months but I realized that would be a lot to store all year so chalkboard is easier.

kids calendar

For the numbered days I used 2" hardwood squares and for the holidays are 2" circles from Casey's Wood. I sketched and then woodburned the details in, which is the woodburning signature style I developed with my Woodmouse toy line and then used acrylic paints. Last, I sealed with my homemade beeswax polish. You can see more details in my wooden memory tile project using the same tiles and technique.

calendar days kids holidays

Tip: Make a list of all the holidays you'll want to include. You don't have to include everything, just the ones you'll be celebrating. Also make a note of any months where you'll want to recognize multiple birthdays. I made three birthday pieces because we have three birthdays in October in our family and we'll want to use them all at the same time.

calendar making calendar making kids

I measured and drilled a hole in one tile and then used that as a guide for the rest. Same with the nails on the base. I used a drilled tile as the template for where to hammer each nail. It still wasn't perfect, but it is good enough for me.

calendar handmade homemade wooden calendar

I used nails long enough so the holidays could just go on top of the dates. Extra holidays are stored in a cloth bag, out of the reach of my one year old. Once a date has passed we've been flipping them over rather than removing them so there isn't as much to store. We love it!

I hope you enjoy making your own wooden perpetual calendar for your family!

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