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Wall Letters for Personalized Nursery Decor

Wall letters are a great way to decorate a nursery in a personalized way! Use them to spell out your baby's name, initials, a favorite quote from a children's book or the alphabet! Here are some excellent ideas:

diy wall lettersMake Your Own in Wood - You can easily cut out thick and sturdy shapes out of wood using a scroll saw or a simple handheld coping saw. You can learn to cut wall letters out of wood using our birdie tutorial except you'll be cutting a letter shape. In Word or other writing program, choose a font you like, enlarge until you reach the desired size and then print out. Cut out the letter from the paper and then trace on your board with a pencil. After cutting it out, sand and paint in colors that match your nursery theme!

To hang, drill a hole in the top and add a ribbon or you can place them on the shelf since they will stand up on their own as shown. You can also purchase metal eyescrews that screw into the wood and have a loop, or eyelet at the top to hand a ribbon through.

wooden wall lettersDecorate Pre-Made Wooden Letters - If cutting your own isn't your thing, you can buy packets of wooden letters from craft stores very cheaply. I purchased a full alphabet for just a few dollars! I really like the wooden blanks from Casey's Wood. These can be painted, covered with fabric or decorative papers, woodburned, stained, collaged and you could even glue items onto them like plastic flowers, beads, buttons, etc. Add a ribbon (you may need to drill a hole in some letters) and they are ready to hang for a fraction of the price of buying a boutique set. Plus, you can decorate to match your nursery room theme perfectly.

Fabric Covered Cardboard Letters - Cardboard is your crafty friend! Find a few large boxes and draw (or enlarge a specific font that you print from your computer) and trace your letters. Cut them out with an exacto knife or a box cutter (be sure to put something underneath and not scratch your floors) and then cover with fabric! You can glue fabric on the back side or you can just use duct or packaging tape and tape it down in the back. Pierce a small hole in the center top and thread a ribbon through to hang.

fabric lettersSewn Fabric Wall Letters - Again, pick a font and print it out in the size you want, cut it out and then trace it onto fabric, cut out and place wrong sides together and sew edges, leaving a space to stuff. Turn it right side out and then stuff! Finally, stitch up the stuffing hole, sew on a ribbon and hang! Or better yet, purchase some already sewn for you from littlewhirl and support a work at home mama! (Photo ©littlewhirl)

Enjoy decorating your nursery! Have a way to make letters that we've missed? Please contact us and let us know about it!

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