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Under The Sea

by Leah
(Brooklyn, NY)

Baby Jail

Baby Jail

We have a very small room for out little guy, with an ocean theme. Right now most of the floor is covered with alphabet tiles and gated so he can crawl around.

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Aug 16, 2008
Where is the ocean theme?
by: Anonymous

Really, I could not find it. All I see is the jail and foam tile.
I really hope the title and whole entry was a joke!
Free the Baby!

Jul 29, 2008
by: Anonymous

Seriously? Not to be mean, but whats with the huge gate????

Jul 28, 2008
Not a playroom
by: Anonymous

More like a baby jail is right. :(

Jul 25, 2008
Don't be harsh
by: Angela

Don't be harsh, educate! While I don't like the idea of those play pens, I do wonder why you called it "baby jail" and that makes me wonder if your entry really is fake.

However, I do see wooden toys and perhaps a playsilk on the floor too. Sometimes in a small shared space it isn't possible to babyproof and isn't realistic to babywear all day long. The fact that this mom is on this site and entering this contest means she has good intentions for natural toys.

Good luck mama and don't take the harsh comments to hard. :)


Jul 25, 2008
Have you ever tried Attachment Parenting?
by: Anonymous

Mama, why do you put your baby in "jail"? Have you ever heard of attachment parenting? It's when you wear your baby in a sling, preferably, or you could use a backpack. When my children were young and wanted to be out of the sling, I simply baby-proofed my home, then let my babies explore! You are asking for trouble (in the future) keeping your baby penned up like that...I think you had good intentions listing your entry, but this may not be the right contest for your type of entry.

Jul 22, 2008
by: Anonymous

Is this entry a joke?

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