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How to Tie Dye Baby Clothes with Fabric Spray Paint

Check out this new way to tie dye baby clothes! This is a quick "cheaters" method using fabric spray paint that dries soft. It is non-toxic which is a must for baby clothes. The best part though is how fast it is! Takes literally seconds to spray the clothes with color, you could do an entire wardrobe while baby naps.

I used Simply Spray brand soft fabric paint for this project. There is a ton you can do with this fabric paint, I also used it for the contrast trim dyed baby sleeper project. However, for best results I suggest using the entire can of paint at once, so it would be wise to set up your projects and have all the baby clothes you want to alter ready to go.

Like any spray paint, this is messy! I suggest doing the spraying outside or cover your surfaces very, very well. Don't even think about spraying near upholstery or carpets! It is meant to stain fabric, so use with care and while wearing clothes that you don't care about. It does wash off hands pretty easily though.

Tie Dye Baby Clothes:

tie dyed baby clothes tie dye baby clothes

To do this project, you'll need white 100% cotton baby onesies and fabric spray paint in your color choice.

tie dye materials tie dye folding

I also ironed on a freezer paper stencil of a bird on one of my baby onesies to create a resist, so when removed it would leave a white bird.

Next, you simply scrunch up your fabric. The way you scrunch it up will determine the way your tie dye baby clothes turn out. Onesies are pretty small so it is difficult to get something too fancy like you can with traditional tie dye methods. It will likely be sort of a random dye look.

spray paint tie dye tie dye onesie

Next, spray your onesies! Follow the instructions on the can and use sweeping movements to get a nice even color. It helps to start spraying off the shirt on a paper towel so you don't get any big drips and just the even mist. If you are doing multiple colors, no need to wait until it is dry, just spray on your next color right on top.

The back of your shirt will pretty much be white, so I just lifted it up and flipped it over and scrunched it up again to spray the back while the front was still wet.

tie dye baby onesie tie dye baby shirt

Once it is dry to the touch, you can remove your freezer stencil if you used one. Let them dry completely for 72 hours before washing.

Here it is after washing on hot twice:

handmade tie dye baby handmade tie dye onesie

As you can see, there is some slight color fading after washing a few times which I expected. However, you can't beat how fast this project is for making tie dye baby clothes! If you want to dye baby clothes the traditional way with no fading, follow these how to dye baby clothes instructions.

Have fun!

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