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tangled up scrap yarn baby hat

by Christine Belske
(Bradley Beach, NJ)

modeled by Andrew The Bear

modeled by Andrew The Bear

modeled by Andrew The Bear

The inspiration for this hat came to me because I'm a single mom on a tight budget-so I'm always looking for resourceful and creative ways to utilize my yarn stash while establishing a little online business selling my designs. My dear friend just had a baby boy and I found myself a bit nostalgic for my daughter's newborn days(She's now seventeen months old and all over the place!) I wanted to make a newborn hat and use the "freeform" technique that I've been experimenting with a lot lately. Basically, it is like painting with yarn. I simply add the colors as I go and watch the beautiful palette emerge!

For this hat, I used a combination of around fifteen different acrylic and cotton yarns. (I have a bad habit of allowing my yarn to become tangled and I often wind up with a beautiful, chaotic jumble that I can never bear to part with!) I used two strands of said yarns held together to create a chunky, snuggly hat. I started with size eight needles and worked the ribbed brim to make it snug and then changed to size ten needles for the rest of the pattern to make the hat a little bit stretchy. I loved the bright colors and the fact that this hat could be for a boy or girl because it shys away from the traditional pastels often used for newborns.

I did not follow a pattern with this hat-I rarely follow patterns. I simply casted on a random number of stitches that would work for the size that I wanted and I basically made it up as I went along. The great thing about freeform knitting is that you simply attach the yarns together with a tiny knot so that you don't wind up with a ton of ends to weave in...I find weaving in too many ends a bit anti-climactic after finishing a project!

The only problem that I ran into was my seventeen month old daughter continuously swatting at the yarn like a little cat and of course-attempting to get at the sewing scissors!

Being a single mom with a young child, knitting is such an amazing outlet for me. It allows me to explore my creativity and I love the fact that I can make wonderful things for people while staying within a tight budget and treading a little bit lighter on Mother Earth.

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