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Stainless Steel Lunch Box - My Planetbox Review

As you know, I'm a big fan of divided trays for kids. This is why I wanted to do a review of the stainless steel lunch box by Planetbox. Not only is it stainless (no plastic!) but it is divided so it was love at first sight for me.

The thing that stands out about this one is that it is a quality made item. Expect it to last for years and years and years. Yeah, it is way more expensive than a flimsy plastic lunchbox. But think about the difference! No questionable plastics touching your child's food. Not to mention that your child will outgrow a plastic lunchbox (because of the color or images on it as their interests change) or it will break so it will wind up in a landfill. Which means you have to buy another one. And another one. Over time quality always wins this money game. Yes, it is an investment now but totally worth it in the long run. By making this choice you are making a healthy choice to bypass the disposable consumer culture we have gotten ourselves into.

I filled it up with food (those dividers really inspire you to get creative) and closed it up and handed it to my four year old to see if he could figure it out and get it all open without my help. He could! The latch is secure and was no problem for him.

eco friendly lunch stainless steel lunch box

I like the case it comes in as it has extra pockets for things like utensils, cloth napkin and a drink. There is also an extra interior pocket that I found I could fit the Big and Little Dippers in easily. Please note, there are two styles of cupholders on the case and the one I'm showing is the smaller one, my Kleen Kanteen doesn't really fit well, it was a very tight squeeze. I tried a Sigg and a couple others and none of them fit easily. If you use a wider drink bottle like Kleen Kanteens, make sure you order the other one that is an elastic topped pouch.

utensils planetbox

It really did fit a good amount of food because you can pile it up. I could see using this myself for lunch even, especially since you can fill the Big & Little Dippers up with dry foods and put them in the pouch, not in the tray. For wet foods, they are better off being stored in the tray, as the lids are sure to stay sealed.

stainless lunch box eco lunch box

One last thing I want to mention, especially since I talked about how kids will outgrow cheap lunch boxes due to getting broken or because their interests change is that they came up with this brilliant idea of offering magnets to decorate the lunch box with. Which means you can change the magnets! The downside is that they have to be removed before washing, but their suggestion of sticking them on the fridge is pretty clever.

planetbox magnets diy planetbox magnets

The magnet options are pretty limited, but with some magnet sheets for your printer and a pair of scissors, I think this would be a really easy to craft some custom ones of your own.

So all in all, we are huge fans. It is the ultimate plastic alternative and I like it much better than the stacked tiffins we were using, which were cumbersome to carry and deal with.

So check out the Planetbox stainless steel lunch box. We love ours!

Full Disclosure - I do not receive payment for reviews & I'm not affiliated with Planetbox in any way. They kindly sent me one but I wouldn't have reviewed it if I didn't truly love it so much.

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