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Who: Cheryl is a homeschooling mom to three (8, 5, 1) who started her blog, Sew Can Do two years ago when she was first learning to sew. Her only other sewing experience was an unfortunate looking gym bag in 7th grade. Thank goodness she tried again! She has honed her skills and opened The Green Hedgehog this year, which is full of fun hats and patterns that are brimming with personality. Can you believe she hadn't ever considered herself a creative person before this? Welcome, Cheryl!

What lead up to starting Sew Can Do & The Green Hedgehog?
I started Sew Can Do as a way to journal my first adventures with sewing and then showing projects I was making from my own ideas. The Green Hedgehog really began when I got an overwhelming response to my Leia Hairdo Hat & Serena Reversible Dress that I created for my daughter. So many people asked to buy one or if I'd make a pattern for them, that I decided to sell them on Etsy and my shop took off from there.

green hedgehog
What is your main source of inspiration?
My family. Coming up with things we need, things we dream about or ideas that just sound fun. I wouldn't be as creative in my ideas if I didn't have my kids & my husband's perspectives or their encouragement. I've gotten some of my best ideas just from moments in our day-to-day life. My first Hairdo Hat was just a goofy idea that came from playing peekaboo with my daughter & her blankie one night. You just never know where the inspiration will come from

What was your goal when you started out and have you reached it?
My goal when I started my blog was to get a couple of followers and meet few other crafting enthusiasts, so I'm amazed at how much my little blog has grown! With my shop, I hoped to sell a handful of hats or a few patterns. I never dreamed it would turn into a part-time business or my blog would get the attention it has in such a short time.

green hedgehog
What is your favorite part of your creative process from idea to completion?
I really love working out how to make something. Usually I'll have a general idea of what I'd like to do, but once I start planning out how I find ways to make it better or add that little bit extra that makes it just right. Then I can't wait to see how it turns out.

What is your least favorite part?
Not being able to work on it when I feel like it. Some days I'm ready to get crafting, but real life has to come first. Teaching & tacking care of the kids, running the errands, attempting to clean the house, etc. It can be frustrating when you're dying to work on something, but have to let it go until later.

When do you find the time to create?
These days the actual crafting has to happen when baby's napping or after bedtime for the kids, but I'm always brainstorming ideas and noting them in my crafting journal to remember them when I've got time.

green hedgehog
How do you attempt to balance business and family?
I won't lie - it can be hard. Since we homeschool I don't really have much free time to work during the day, so I usually can't get going until the end of the day which isn't ideal. I just try to use time when it's available. When things are busy, other things have to slide to do what needs to be done - fun projects go on the back burner, the house turns into a bit of a mess, etc. No matter what's going on, I do always try to make family time come first though - they won't be little forever.

What do you do to ensure that you don't burn out?
Taking time out. Sometime just taking time to do nothing can really charge up the creative batteries. When crafting feels like work and stops being fun, it's time to step away for a little while.

sew can do
How has becoming a mother influenced you as a creative person?
It's given me inspiration and the courage to try new things. Seeing what my children are interested in makes me more imaginative with ideas too - especially for things I wouldn't normally be drawn to on my own. It's an amazing feeling seeing their faces light up when they're given something made especially for them. It's also been a huge incentive to learn to make the things I can't find or aren't within our budget.

What is your one parenting related luxury that you allow yourself?
I love looking at children's things online. Fun shops, blogs & online catalogs, are so much fun to look through and get me psyched up to start crafting myself.

Any future business or creative plans?
I'd really love to have my patterns published or have some of my design ideas in a craft book. That would be a dream come true. I'm also planning to expand into even more hat designs in my shop for different seasons & occasions.

Thanks Cheryl! Visit her blog or shop at The Green Hedgehog and support a fellow crafty mama!!

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