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Robot Halloween Costume Instructions

Here are robot Halloween costume instructions for making a simple and quick costume for your child! The best part of this costume is that it is very basic and comfortable to wear. Especially for toddlers, you'll want to stay away from using boxes on their head, arms and legs because it will be too hard to walk!

I may have mentioned my son's robot love elsewhere on this site so it seems obvious that a robot Halloween costume would have to be made! However, quite honestly, we made this costume just for playing in long before Halloween season. It is cheap and quick, you can't go wrong!

For making this simple robot outfit you'll need a cardboard box that will fit the torso of your child. We used a liquor box which was just the perfect size. Check with your local wine shop, liquor store or even grocery store and ask them to set one aside for you.

You'll also need paint (spray paint, acrylic craft paint or latex house paint), scissors and a printer...or just a piece of paper to draw the number, letter or symbol for your robot's belly!

robot costume toddler robot halloween costume tutorial

Cut a large hole in the top and two smaller holes on each side for arms. Then cut all the way up the back to open the box so it can be out on like a shirt. Way more comfortable this way as you wouldn't be able to just put the box over their head unless the box was quite large. Check for fit and cut the arm holes more if needed.

robot halloween robot box paint

I took the easy route and just used silver metallic spray paint to cover the box. Acrylic craft paint or latex interior house paint would work just fine too. If you use spray paint, be sure to do it outside and let it dry completely, ideally overnight.

robot accessories robot halloween costume toddler

Then I printed the number "4" and just glued it on. You could use the age of your child like I did, or the first letter of their name. Or maybe spell out their name or "Halloween" in binary code! How cool would that be?!

For the antenna, I just used the same ones as my ladybug costume only removed one and centered it. Just a painted foam ball with black pipe cleaners wrapped around a headbad! Super simple yet comfy headgear for the little ones.

Have fun making this homemade robot Halloween costume! You can bet we'll be out trick or treating saying in our best robot voice, "Continue to subsequent domestic dwelling for candy objective" all night long!

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