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Renaissance Costume Patterns - Simple Renaissance Tunic Pattern for Kids!

Renaissance costume patterns are particularly hard to find for kids and since we are huge geeks in our house I made my own renaissance tunic pattern that I'm sharing here on a PDF for free. This breezy shirt is not only great for kids medieval costumes but it also works well as a beach coverup to keep the sun off the skin but still be thin and airy in the heat. I have a feeling I'll be making more of these for purposes other than just the faire we go to once a year.

My son decided that this is now his "pirate shirt" so I guess this little pattern is great for your dress up box too. Super versatile and simple to sew.

I made this lickity split and didn't even bother to hem the bottom or the sleeves since it is just a costume, so feel free to take short cuts with this like I did. You can also sew up all the edges and/or line it if you want something more sturdy.

I used a lightweight cotton gauze material for this project, just under 1 yard.

Renaissance Costume Patterns - Kids Tunic, Sz 3T-5T

renaissance costume patterns

The sizing on this is for a 3T to 5T. It fits loosely so the size is pretty flexible. Shorten or lengthen the sleeves and bottom hem for a greater range. My son is size 4T in the photos below. Pattern includes 1/2" seam allowance.

renaissance tunic pattern kids tunic pattern

Here is the Renaissance Tunic Pattern PDF for you to print out. It is four pages. For your personal use only.

You'll notice that both the sleeves & bodice should be cut on the fold of fabric and for the front there is a rectangle notch at the neck. For the back, don't cut out the notch!

kids costume kid tunic pattern

I turned and hemmed the neckline first, followed by sewing the shoulders together. My shoddy sewing with contrasting thread is intentional, this is a peasant's costume!

renaissance tunic sewing kids medieval costumes

You can sew on your sleeves the way you normally do. I layed out my bodice sides as shown and then pinned the sleeve in place. Finally, I sewed up the sleeves and sides of the shirt. Doesn't matter which order you sew it up. Just make sure to pin your sleeves in place, folding under where needed to create a few pleats.

I poked holes in the neck and added a string tie using several embroidery floss threads.

finished tunic handmade kid tunic

As I mentioned, I didn't bother to hem the sleeves or the bottom since this is just a costume and won't get heavy wear. For beach cover ups or for shirts that will be washed and worn often, you'll want to finish all the edges.

renaissance kids shirt

Happy sewing & have a great time at your local faire!

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