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I love that I have the good fortune of being able to share one of my passions (baby crafts!) with visitors from around the world. Sometimes it is hard to reach everyone who may be interested in this site! So may I ask a favor of you, my fellow crafty friends?

If you like this site, and got some inspiration from the projects, or even used some of the tutorials, please help me out by spreading the word to crafty mamas everywhere! Why? Because my goal is to share as many ideas and tutorials with as many people as possible...for free! By promoting this site you are giving it the chance to reach a wider audience, who will in turn make the site even better with their ideas and tips!

Lets get connected and stick together in this crafty community of mamas! Thank you!

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Make Baby Stuff - Baby crafts tutorials, instructions for how to make baby clothes, how to make baby toys and tons of DIY crafty projects for all things baby!

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