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Pirate Eye Patch Pattern

This simple pirate eye patch pattern (okay, it is really more of a template) is really quick to cut out and sew. You could easily make a whole batch of these for birthday party favors. There is so little to sew (one tiny seam) that hand sewing is just fine for this one, no sewing machine required.

Once the pirate love hit my house I knew it wouldn't be long before my son started asking me to make costume assessories. You may also be interested in this Toy Pirate Sword pattern as well as my Tunic Shirt pattern.

A pirate eye patch really completes the look, don't you think? It is simple and small, just this one item added to your dress up box and you can have the makings of a pirate!

Tutorial Instructions & Pattern

pirate eye patch pattern

Here is the Eye Patch Template in PDF format for you to print and use. It will print on one page of regular printer paper.

Materials Needed: At least 4" square of black felt and 14" of thin black elastic.

Print the template and cut it out. Cut out your the felt fabric.

patch materials cut out patch

Next, sew up the seam on the felt, this creates a slightly rounded shape, like a real patch. This also allows it to lay against the face better. Just takes a couple stitches so I just hand sew it. I figure the eye patch of a real pirate would have been hand sewn, right?

eye patch pirate kids pirate eye patch

Finally, sew on the ends of elastic to either end of the patch as marked on the template. Just a few more stitches and you are done!

handmade pirate patch homemade pirate eye patch

You could line this patch in cotton or another layer of felt so that the elastic attachment is hidden on the inside. I didn't bother, but it would make it more finished looking if you are giving this as a gift.

It can be worn on either side.

eye patch pattern kids pirate patch

Arrrrrr! Happy pirate playing!

Disclaimer: This eye patch contains secured elastic which could pose a strangulation hazard for very young children. Create and use at your own risk. offers these tutorials and patterns with no recommendations for age.

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