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Personalized Birthday Banner

With Your Child's Photos as They Grow!

personalized birthday banner

This personalized birthday banner can become a birthday tradition that doubles as decoration and a keepsake.

Each year you will add another flag with your child's photo on it.

Over the years his/her birthday banner will stretch all the way around the room. What a beautiful and visual way to celebrate a child's years!

With the recent popularity of these bunting or pennant flags I came up with this idea for my own son's birthday this fall and I look forward to seeing his personalized birthday banner evolve over the years. Especially when he can take part in the creation of his yearly flag. I also love that it can simply be folded up and tucked away.

banner personalized details

Here is the free personalized birthday banner PDF download and the reversed text PDF download for the back. Of course you can certainly do different shaped flags, photos and add more details to the back to suit your taste.

Materials: Cotton fabric, bias tape or wide ribbon, printable iron on transfer paper or printable fabric, digital photos, printer, sewing machine, white or light fabric for photo transfers if you are using the iron ons.

Step One

photo banner instructions

Print out your photos on iron on photo paper. Cut out circles of the photos using the template and then iron on the circles directly onto your white or light colored flag. Variations include - printing onto printable fabric and ironing on the circle on white fabric and then sewing the patch onto printed, darker fabric - See Next Step.

Step One (Variation)

birthday banner

If you want to have photos on dark fabric you can iron onto light fabric, cut out the circles and then sew them onto the dark fabric. This looks best if trimmed with rickrack (shown) a zigzag stitch, blanket stitch or ribbon.

Step Two

birthday banner pattern

Place right sides together and sew along edges, leaving top open to turn right side out. Next, turn right side out and press with an iron (only on the reverse side, not where the iron on is - it can melt) and then iron on your "details" to the back. These details can be then be filled in with permanent marker or a fabric pen. Do a test first to make sure your marker doesn't bleed through to the other side. Tip: Use light colored fabric for the back so you can iron on the "details" directly.

Finally, line up your flags and sew them onto your bias tape or thick fabric ribbon. Be sure to leave plenty of extra tape/ribbon at the end to add more flags over the years or just plan to attach more bias tape as you go.

personalized birthday banners

personalized photo banner

You can hang it in any room, in a backyard, tied across trees at a park...really wherever the party festivities will be. These are so transportable and lightweight they'll work anywhere either tied, tacked or taped.

Enjoy, and happy birthday to your little one!


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Birthday Banner Variation Ideas

  • 1st Birthday - use one photo for each month
  • Older children - have them decorate this year's flag
  • Older children - pick out fabrics in their favorite colors

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