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Our place in the world

by Jessica Block
(Las Vegas, NV USA)

This is our magical play area where . . .

You may hear a concert,
You may get a bowl of our chef's special "Cinnamon Toast Chicken Soup,"
You may purchase a lemon for "$82.47,"
You may create a fort with every blanket and pillow in the house - perfect for camp-ins,
You may nurse "baby,"
You may build a tower,
You may dance with scarves,

Whatever you might do, you will definitely get a large helping of boyish imagination and musical giggles that warm and charm our entire home.

I was blessed in finding several Waldorf books when my son was born. They helped us clarify our own parenting philosophy for raising happy, thoughtful and creative boys as well as helping us to define the type of environment to facilitate that vision.

We have some lovely hand made wooden toys displayed on the traditional playstands. Some items are so loved, they never make it back into the play area, like his baby - a natural Waldorf doll that I made - and some play scarves and blocks that have created a lake, valley and tunnel for his beloved trains which have taken over the living room floor.

What I love about this area - aside from its obvious usefulness - is its graceful beauty in our living space. It speaks gently to my sons about their place in the center of our hearts and home. Their work, their play is central to the family. We are truly blessed.

Oh, and "Cinnamon Toast Chicken Soup" isn't that bad!

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Aug 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

Your play area with beatiful hand made wooden toys is awesome. Its grateful beauty in your living space. If you want get an essay from this service

Sep 10, 2013
playstands NEW
by: jessica

Beautiful! May I ask where you got the playstands from?

Aug 16, 2008
Truly magical!
by: Shawn

I love how the playspace funnels your children's creativity into the center of your existence! Just wonderful!

Aug 15, 2008
so wonderful!
by: Anonymous

I want to play there! And I guess I'll let my son come too ;)

It looks like a magical space!

Aug 15, 2008
by: Angie

What a clever entry and beautiful photo to boot.

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