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Octopus Cake Instructions

...for your ocean themed baby birthday party!

An octopus cake is a fun choice for baby's birthday, especially for an ocean theme, which is a great neutral theme.

One mum wrote in that she wanted to make an octopus cake "because my daughter is so grabby! She grabs everything in her reach so we started calling her a little octopuss."

We made an octopus cake for my son's first birthday because he had a stuffed octopus toy that he loved and would pester our cat with. He'd stick the tenticles in the cat's face and then laugh his head off. It was one of the first things he did that really showed his individual personality.

It is fun coming up with a cake idea based from your own child's interests, but just in case you too have a "grabby octopus" or want to do an ocean theme, here are some instructions for creating one!

Cake Instructions:

Putting it Together

octopus cake

Bake your two parts (one 9" round pan and one tiny 4" round pan) and let cool completely.

Once cooled, frost your larger cake and then frost your small cake and carefully place the small one on top of the large one. Then cut a 1 cm corner from a ziplock to create a piping bag, and pipe on the legs.

Finally, you can pipe on little dots for the suction cups or use pieces of candy. Just be sure to remove the candy pieces before serving to baby!


octopus cake eating

octopus baby cake
You can simply remove the whole tiny octopus body and serve to baby!

Hope your little one enjoys it more than mine did, while he looks like he is enjoying it here I'm pretty sure none of it actually went in his mouth.

Enjoy & happy birthday to your little one!

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