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Nursery Wall Decor Ideas

Nursery wall decor is easy to do yourself with a little time and effort. You can save money and not sacrifice style if you pick out decor yourself. There is no need to purchase those pre-made themes from baby stores, be creative and think outside of the big box stores!

Can't paint the walls and feeling uninspired? That is okay! Many people live in apartments or don't want to put the effort into a fancy mural that will just get painted over. You can still deck out a stylish nursery with these nursery wall decor ideas. The best part is that by decorating this way it is easy to change and evolve as the child grows up and acquires new interests.

nurserywalldecorFabric Embroidery Hoops Fabric is a cheap and colorful way to decorate. This photo was shared with us by Taryn of littlewhirl of her daughter's room. She used simple wooden embroidery hoops (get them at a craft store for less than a buck each) and put colorful fabric in them. This is an excellent choice for "near the crib" decorating as you want to avoid heavy items or frames with glass for safety. Plus, as the room decor evolves the fabric can be swapped out and a whole new color scheme emerges and when she is bored with the design she can take them apart and use the fabric and hoops in other crafts!

Speaking of fabric, for a burst of color on one wall, you could tape up fabric with double stick tape, almost like faux wallpapering. Use multi-colors for stripes or even pick out prints and get funky. This is a great option for apartment dwellers who can't paint the walls but want to add color to a room. Don't forget to buy enough to make curtains too! Easy curtains are just rectangles of fabric with loops at the top for the rod to go through. That is it! They are probably the most simple thing to sew!

decor painting turtleLarge Canvas "Murals"If you really want to paint a mural or a specific design on the wall but aren't allowed to, know you are going to move soon or just simply are saddened by the thought of painting over it someday, purchase a large canvas and paint a mural on it instead. I'm sorry to say that buying a new very large canvas is not cheap. A large (6ft by 6ft) pre-stretched canvas will cost at least a hundred dollars. However, this is a small price to pay for a "forever mural" which is one that you can take with you when you move or can be moved to a different room even.

For thrifty folks, there is hope! Get your butt to a thrift store and look at the stack of paintings there! They are usually propped up on their sides in a corner all dusty and unloved. Pay no attention to what the paintings themselves look like, you are looking for a blank canvas, so pay attention to the quality of the canvas and/or frame. You can even find some very cool vintage frames this way and even ovals and circles! Take your thrifted painting home and paint gesso over it. Gesso is like white paint and will completely cover up the original painting creating a pure white, blank canvas for you to start over with for acrylic painting. (Just make sure you aren't actually painting over an original Picasso!) The turtle painting shown is on a 6ft canvas that I thrifted for $6. The original painting was so hideous (pink and blue pastel with turquoise glitter) that I didn't feel bad for one second painting over it. Eventually, I'll paint over the turtle too.

decor retro nurseryThrifted Children's Books Have some favorite childhood books that are falling apart but you can bear to get rid of them? Create wall art with them and replace them with newer copies for your child. (Please make sure you can find a replacement and you aren't dealing with a rare, out of print book first!) Thrift stores again come in handy here, this adorable picture dictionary was under a dollar and is a great way to create cheap and unusual art for nursery wall decor. You could scatter pages from favorite books in an arrangement or line them up the way they are read all the way around the room.

decor letter wallMonogram Nursery Decor Using monograms and/or your child's full name as part of a way to personalize your baby's room is very popular and easy to do yourself. Check out these DIY Monogram Nursery Wall Decor tutorials for making them out of wood, sewing your own and decorating pre-made wooden letters on the cheap. All of those projects could also be used for the traditional "ABC" nursery wall decor theme as well or to decorate with a quote from a favorite children's book.

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