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Decorating with Nursery Decals

Vinyl nursery decals are an easy way to decorate a baby room wall, furniture and even label toy storage. These are especially fantastic wall decor for renters when painting is not an option since vinyl decals are removable yet last a long, long time.

These beautiful flowers in the example below are from The Simple Stencil, where you can find quotes, desings, monograms and more that would be perfect in a baby's room. You can also custom design your own text nursery decals, using your own favorite quote or phrase!

There are tons of colors to choose from, something that would work with any color scheme you come up with. The Simple Stencil offers free color swatches so you can try before you buy since judging colors can often be tricky online.

How to Apply Nursery Decals:

Step One - Level & Tape

nursery decal level

First step is to position your image exactly where you want it and use some masking tape or painter's tape to tape it to your surface. Use a level to make sure it is straight if your image is long and wide. Tape just the top to create a "hinge" to flip the whole thing up and peel off the back, leaving only the sticky vinyl and top see-through layer of paper.

Step Two - Smooth


Next, smooth down the see-through layer of paper with the sticky vinyl on it onto your surface. Carefully use the provided smoothing tool to get rid of any bubbles.

Step Three - Peel & Reveal

peel vinyl decal

Finally, peel off the see-through paper layer, leaving the vinyl design on your surface! This part does take some patience, make sure that your vinyl is sticking tight to your surface before peeling off. You can also rub your design onto your surface to make sure it is stuck really well.

Step Four - Finished!

nursery decal

That is it! Just think of all the different places you ccould use this method of quick and simple decorating. Must faster than painting a design and a lot less mess too.

The following images are courtesy of The Simple Stencil where you can find even more ideas and designs!

simple stencil nursery

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Decal Materials:

  • Decal & Smoother
  • Painters/Making Tape
  • Level


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