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Natural Organization & Small Toys

by Angela Heideke
(Orange County, CA)

Here is my son and daughter's playroom, at least the clean & organized corner of it! They have lots of small toys, so we got some wicker baskets to fit on the lower shelves to organize. We just did this last month and used to have plastic bins. The difference of the "feel" of the room is amazing! It looks so much nicer now.

We are in the process of slowly phasing out all of our plastic and battery operated toys because we want to focus on quality wooden and open ended toys. Open ended toys means that there are many ways to play with the item. Like a doll or stuffed animal is open ended because the child can carry it around as a baby or a friend or act out scenes with it. A toy that lights up and flashes and talks when you press buttons on it doesn't leave room for imagination and there is only one way to play with it.

Their playroom isn't perfect, we do still have some plastic toys and things but we are in the process. We probably will still have a few plastic toys, but our goal is to have more open-ended ones. This is the definition of "natural playroom" to us. :)

A lot of our toys are from Ikea because they are so affordable, but we do have some Haba and other European wooden toys too. Next up we'd like to replace some of the stuffed animals and dolls with more natural ones.

We started this switch because we felt like it was more healthy for our family and like to feel tied to nature.

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Aug 16, 2008
Great ideas!
by: germandolls

I really love the natural storage theme! The wicker baskets look so nice! I have to get some of those!

Aug 14, 2008
by: Rachel

Nice job, I can see that you are really focused on natural wooden toys and even natural storage. An excellent start!

Jul 12, 2008
by: BabyWrappinMama

Nice job, I do like the baskets for organizing little toys.

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