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My Baby's Growing Up

by Heather at
(near Asheville, NC)

My Baby's Growing Up

My Baby's Growing Up

I made this quilt for my daughter to use for naptime at school. I combined some of my favorite fabrics with pieces from many of her baby clothes, and even a piece of corduroy from a well loved shirt of mine. There's some thrifted vintage fabric tucked in there as well.

The pattern is from Aardvark Quilts and is called "Squares Squared." This pattern is not a baby quilt pattern but is for a 40" x52" quilt which seems the perfect size for young ones to continue to use as they grow. I loved working with it and it's great fun to create. There are many opportunities for tiny pieces of scrap that you may have been holding onto for a while, plus favorite fat quarters from your stash. This quilt is machine pieced and I free motion quilted it with lots of flowers, hearts, and scrolls in a periwinkle thread. It was satisfying because it came together so rapidly. I worked on it for several naptimes, but I work quickly. The straight line cutting and flexible design options make it an enjoyable pattern for beginner and intermediate.

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by: Mama

Beautiful! Just beautiful. The colors are so vibrant and cheery. I love it.

Little scraps of memories
by: Yee Ye

I watched as this quilt was created. I know that there are tiny pieces of outgrown clothing and shared family memories with this child in many of the choices and pieces of fabric. There was even a trip with grandma to pick out a few fabric favorites. These connections of shared love and past pleasures will always be present and a part of this childs life. What a great gift!!!

Whimsical Creation
by: Jason

The quilt is a truly interesting collection of shapes and pieces of fabric, much like the experiences you will have with the kids make up who they are. Beautiful. I bet it is warm!

Erma Bombeck flashback
by: Cindy

Appropriate or not, this quilt makes me think of the Erma Bombeck poem where she lists the number of things that she would do if she could live her life over again. I can only imagine what it most feel like to have accomplished something so beautiful and personal to keep your kiddo embraced even when you're not there. It's gorgeous!

Forgive me if I have my authors mixed up, but hopefully the point came across.

A work of art
by: Lisa

This quilt is an amazing gift of love. It is a timeless relfection of the special bond between mother and child. The selection of colors and special memories blended together will be something that can be shared over and over again. A true work of art!

Simply the best
by: jennifer

I equate quilts with comfort and this particular one epitomise's that quality. I love the fact that the quilter has added scraps of fabric that her daughter will derive comfort from due to their familiarity, for use at a time when so much is changing for both of them. i imagine that she reflected on her 'baby' with much love while working on it and imparted that into the quilt for her daughter to draw on as needed. How absolutely gorgeous.
It's quilting at it's finest! Thrift, comfort, purpose.

by: Heartreen

Loved the whole idea of this quilt and why the mom made it for her kindergarten daughter. How sweet!! Such a tender time in a mother's life, sending her first born off to spend most of their day with someone other than their very own MOMMY! My favorite! Noreen George

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