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Mei Tai Slipcover

Make a mei tai slipcover to give your favorite mei tai a whole new look! I'm all about options when it comes to anything I wear and this includes baby carriers. If you don't want to sew your own mei tai you can easily make a slipcover for one you already have and love.

mtc mei taiI adore this green panel and natural strap carrier by Holly at MTC because it is the most comfy mei tai that I own and well worth the money. Not to mention, these are handmade by Holly (a crafting mama herself) so I love to support a small business. However, I get sick of wearing the same thing and green doesn't go with everything I wear. Sadly, I can't afford to buy several of the same carriers in different colors. So what is a thrifty crafty mama to do? Make a mei tai slipcover of course!

Mei Tai Slipcover Instructions

1) Lay down a large sheet of kraft, contact or wrapping paper. It has to be large enough in one sheet for your carrier body to lay on so you could also tape together several smaller sheets if you need to. Trace the body of your mei tai with a marker, being careful not to get any marker on your carrier. Trace along the straps and belt one inch to show where they connect.

mei tai cover instructions

2) After tracing, remove your carrier and you should have a shape that looks somewhat like the one below. Make sure you've traced inch long "tabs" where the straps and belt connect and connect the shape as shown below.

slipcover pattern traced

3) Cut out your pattern with scissors or a rotary cutter so that you have the general shape as shown below.

mei tai pattern cut

4) Now pick out your fabric for your slipcover! You can use any type of fabric because it is merely a cover and not providing any support. For summer you might want to stick with quilting cotton to not add thick layers, but in cooler weather a cozy slipcover made out of flannel or fleece would be great. For most mei tai baby carriers a fat quarter of fabric is just the perfect amount for one side of a slipcover. I always use two different fabrics for my slipcovers because then it is reversible and I end up with two whole new looks!

mei tai pattern trace

Trace your pattern on the wrong side of your fabrics and be sure to add 1/2" on the side, top and bottom for seam allowance.

cut out mei tai panel

5) Now you should have two sides of your slipcover. Fold over each "tab" as well as the bottom 1/2" and press with a hot iron.

fold tabs

6) Now sew down each tab as well as the bottom of each panel. Then place right sides together (so it is inside out) and sew along the top, sides and part of the bottom as shown. Be sure to leave an opening in the bottom large enough to slip your carrier into as well as openings for the straps and belt as shown in the photo below. Make sure you sew very sturdily where the straps and belt enter as this is the place where it will wear down over time when you remove and put on the cover. Sewing small "X" shapes at these intersections will make it very sturdy.

wrong sides together

7) Turn right side out and you are all finished! The photo below shows both sides of one mei tai slipcover.

mei tai carrier slipcover

8) Now for the fun part! Take your baby carrier and insert the straps and top of the body into the bottom hole of the slipcover.

insert mei tai

First, insert the straps and then insert the belt through the belt openings.

insert straps belt

All done! Look at the new carrier! I used contrasting red and blue fabrics so each side is like having a totally different carrier.

mei tai slip covers

mei tai slipcovers

Have fun making your own mei tai slipcovers and updating your carrier in an affordable way. You can also take this to the next level and add pockets or a hood! If you make one, please, pretty please share with us! We offer tutorials, patterns and instructions on this site for free and we only ask one thing from you...that if you try it out drop us a line and stay connected! We love to see what you are up to and I'm sure other crafters out there want to see it too. Crafty mamas unite!

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