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Matty's Tee Shirt Quilt

by Debra Matlock
(Los Angeles, CA)

For some reason my husband and I bought novelty tees whenever we set foot out of the house. Between the two of us we had 5 gigantic boxes of tees we never wore. Eventually, I just cut out the good parts and whittled it down to one box. Then I was kind of stymied. I wanted to make a quilt, but I hadn't cut them out in perfect squares.

Once I realized t-shirt fabric doesn't ravel, it all came to me. Appliqué the t-shirt part on fabric that you DID cut properly. So I sorted out the kid friendly shirts and came up with this for my son. It coincided with him getting a big boy bed and much to my surprise he really, really loves his quilt. Yea!

So this was the first thing I ever made with my sewing machine that I got a year ago. If I did it all again I would probably get nicer fabric for the front, since I paid a fortune for the fabric on the back! It was machine quilted and appliquéd. I sewed around the design first and then carefully cut off the excess t-shirt material. I had never made a quilt before and found a tutorial from Purl Soho explaining the "sandwich" and voilà!

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Reuse has never been so cute
by: Clare Quilty

I just love how you have incorporated modern materials (t-shirts) but really tapped into that old tradition of using what you have on hand. Reusing & repurposing items seems much more mindful than just going out to a store and buying a bunch of brand new, meaningless fabric.

These images have a history for you and your family: where you got the shirt originally, favorite stories and characters, etc.

I think it's not just cute, but really modern in the best possible sense of the word.

Instant heirloom
by: Green Cat

Matty will have many memories preserved with a decorative, useful artwork. Great idea!

cool quilt
by: QuiltMonkey

Wow! What a quilt! Great use of old t-shirts and so much fun stuff for your son to look at.

very cool
by: Jessica Rath

This looks great. I like the patch work idea incorporating the tees. And of course love keeping memories, especially when Matty can point to it and tell his own story about the character, place, etc.

How Clever!!!
by: ZoeAnn

I, too, have boxes of t-shirts which we have collected from trips and events. They bring back great memories. Why not display them rather than keep them hidden away in boxes? What a great idea.

Years ago, I had thought of a quilt or wall hanging but then was stopped by the idea that the designs were irregular sizes. However, I see by using that very minus to my advantage, I could try something clever like "Matty's Tee Shirt Quilt."

Thanks for the solution!

Wonderful Quilt
by: KerstinBee

Debra, I love it! Perfect combination of crazy figures and shapes and squares -- again: love it. Want to see more like this!

by: chickendinner

Why wouldn't your son love this Awesome Quilt?! It's truly unique and very cute. This is what quilting is all about - reuse and memories. Love how you put it all together.

by: Sarah

I love it, it's my favourite so far!

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