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Maternity Yoga Pants

These maternity yoga pants are so comfortable! They are almost guaranteed to become a cozy staple in your maternity (and beyond) wardrobe. They can be very casual for laying around the house in or just change your fabric choice and you can make a fancier pair suitable for work or going out.

I wore yoga pants all throughout my fall pregnancy and wore the same ones immediately afterwards during that icky "nothing fits, but don't want to wear maternity anymore" stage that everyone loathes. It will feel great to make something for yourself knowing you'll get a lot of use out of it!

The length and size of your maternity yoga pants pattern is completely adjustable as your final pattern depends entirely upon a pair you have that already fit you, and it can be adapted to fit you at any stage. Of course if you don't currently have a pair that fit you, take a pair of pants that used to fit you and add several inches to your pattern.

Maternity Yoga Pants Instructions Below:

materity yoga pants

First, take the pair of pants you currently own and stick one leg inside of the other one, so your seam shape is as shown. Fold a piece of your fabric over (so you have two layers) and lay down your pants on the seam, lining up the outer edge of your pants with this fold. Trace it and then cut it out.

materity yoga pants pattern

You'll do this twice, so you have two of the same pieces, one for each leg.

Next, you'll need to create your waistband. There are a number of ways to create a waistband but if you are using stretchy jersey like material for your pants you can simply do a folded waistband. Take a long strip of fabric at least five inches wide and fold it in half. Wrap it around your waist/hips to figure out just how long it should be. It should be comfy and with the help of the stretch will be sturdy enough to keep your pants up.

materity pants waistband

Now you should have just three pieces to your maternity yoga pants pattern like the image below.

materity pants pattern pieces

Because it is jersey fabric, you must pin your pieces to keep everything lined up properly when you start sewing. I always start by sewing the pant legs all the way down and then sew them together. The waistband is the final thing to sew on.

materity pants pattern

Some stretch fabrics will curl and roll up at the edges, which means you don't even need to finish the hem on the very bottom of your pants. Alternatively, you could sew on some bias tape or other contrasting trim.

UPDATE: These pants lasted me throughout my entire pregnancy, see the pic below! Cotton stretchy material for pants (with no elastic at all) is pure magic. These were so comfy even when nothing else was.

materity pant yoga

Have fun creating something for yourself, you deserve it!

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