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Maternity Clothes Patterns

These simple maternity clothes patterns will have you set up with a comfy, cute and cheap wardrobe in no time! Through two pregnancies I managed to not buy many maternity clothes yet I still looked fashionable and I was comfortable too.

I'm a big believer in creating a wardrobe that is adjustable, one that will see you all the way to the end. No, I didn't raid my husband's tee shirts or walk around in huge tents of fabric. How did I do it? I made my own using these simple maternity clothes patterns and projects!

Honestly, I really hate maternity clothes. Not the way they look, just the prices and that the quality is often poor - especially for the price you pay. So put your wallet away (well, except to buy fabric and other crafty goodies) and save your money for baby stuff and clothes for you after the baby is born.

Here are some great patterns, tutorials and tips to get you started:

free maternity shirt pattern

Maternity Shirt Pattern
Here is a free, printable maternity shirt pattern! I designed it with a belt so that you can wear it babydoll style during pregnancy and on your natural waist after pregnancy. It is yet another example of versatile maternity wear! I used different fabrics for different sections of my top but you could also make a solid color top. Includes full step by step photo tutorial plus a free printable PDF pattern for you to use for sewing.

maternity clothes patterns

Wrap Skirt Maternity Clothes Pattern
Free pattern and sewing tutorial for creating an adjustable wrap skirt that you want wear all throughout your pregnancy and even afterwards! This is a very basic skirt pattern and the look of it completely depends on the fabrics you choose. Once you make one of these you might be hooked!

maternity clothing pants pattern

DIY Maternity Yoga Pants
You can sew the most comfy pair of stretch maternity yoga pants ever. And for much cheaper than you'll be able to buy them for! I wore these all through my second pregnancy because the folded stretch waistband was so comfy. The style of your pants depends entirely on the fabric you choose and the sizing is totally up to you too. You'll be amazed at how easy this is and how great the results are!

maternity clothing pattern

Altering Your Own & Inexpensive Maternity Clothes
Some handy tips and projects for creating an inexpensive maternity clothes wardrobe by altering existing clothing, choosing the right non-maternity clothing options to save money and more! No need to spend loads of money on a wardrobe to look great, use these tips to save!

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Maternity Clothes Tip

Ask around about maternity clothes, a friend might have some that they are dying to loan out or give you!

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