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Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos with the Silhouette

Here is a brief review of how to make your own temporary tattoos with the Silhouette brand cutting machine.

Now, full disclosure do not need the cutting machine to make these tattoos. The cutting machine simply cuts them out very neatly. You could totally print on the temporary tattoo paper that they sell and then cut it out with a scissors. So, if you are wanting to make temporary tattoos only then there is no need to buy one of these machines. However, once you see what else it can do you'll totally want one! Like cut fabric for applique, heat set for fabric, vinyl, magnets, rhinestones and not to mention paper and cardstock to name a few.

how to make temporary tattoos cutting the tattoos

Here is a brief overview of instructions: So, first you print out some tattoo designs on the temporary tattoo paper, then press down the clear sticky paper layer on top. This clear sticky layer is actually what will be touching the skin, not the ink from the printer. I was a bit worried about this, wondering if my printer ink was safe, so this is important to mention.

So you then place your sheet on the carrier paper thing and load it into the cutting machine. It reads the registration marks and cuts perfectly around the images.

temporary tattoos temporary tattoos

So after it is cut, they pop off quite easily. Now, you'll peel off the shiny backing and place on the skin and press down with a wet cloth until the paper backing slides right off!

homemade temporary tattoos kids temporary tattoo

My little pirate enthusiasts were thrilled!

temporary tattoos temporary tattoo

These would be great fun to use for party favors or at birthday parties. I have a feeling now that my son knows I can make these that he'll be requesting more!

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