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Jan 30, 2014

Make Homemade Baby Food - Recipes, Ideas and Tips for Toddlers

Homemade baby food is fun and easy to make! It will save you money and you'll feel great knowing exactly what ingredients are going into your baby's belly. Complete recipes for baby smoothies, finger foods and

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Mar 21, 2013

Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures - The BOOK!

Just a quick note to say my book comes out next week! Does it have anything to do with crafts? No, no it does not. But it DOES have to do with parenting and will make you laugh. Isn't that crafty of me?

parenting illustrated with crappy pictures

Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures will be in stores March 26th and is available for pre-order right now. (Plus, if you pre-order you can get a limited edition signed bookplate sticker. Details here. You know you want a sticker.)

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Aug 21, 2012

Kiwi Crate Review - Crafts for Kids!

Check out my full Kiwi Crate Review, which is a monthly subscription for craft projects for kids to be delivered to your door! (Spoiler - I love it & so did the kids.)

kiwi crate review kiwi crate

Also? Kiwi Crate is offering my readers a special discount! Get $5 off a monthly subscription (code = BOOK2) or sign up for a year and get two months free (code = BOOK7)! Offers valid today through 8/26/12.

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Jun 21, 2011

Silhouette discount code and oh how much I love this thing

I am totally in love with my Silhouette machine. It is a "digital cutting" machine, something I didn't even know existed until about a month ago. This is why I love it...

It works with your computer like a printer and you don't have to buy cartridges of images, you buy them one at a time online or you can make your own with the software provided. Works with a Mac or PC, which was a biggie for me.

It cuts fabric. Like perfect fabric appliques. Check out my fabric cutting project where I used the machine for the very first time.

homemade temporary tattoos kids temporary tattoo

Also? Make at home temporary tattoos. My little pirates were thrilled by this in particular. See more about my tattoo project right here. Wouldn't this be cool for birthday parties and to tuck into Valentine's cards?

It also cuts cardstock (and you can cut out 3D shapes, cute boxes and ornaments!) not to mention vinyl. Yes, vinyl. The kind that is so popular to stick on the walls. And check out the heat transfer material for clothes. There is other stuff too, if I keep going this will be the longest post ever.

So because the folks at Silhouette are lovely, you guys get a special discount now through the 29th. I have a feeling there are some baby crafters out there who could put one of these to good use.

Use the code: BABYSTUFF and get:

This bundle right here, which includes:
1 Silhouette SD machine
2 packs Temporary Tattoo paper
and blades, mats, etc that are included

FOR only $199 (US only)

PS - you'll also probably want to pick up some heat transfer material and some fabric interfacing and maybe some vinyl too. All of that stuff* is 25% off with the same code: BABYSTUFF through the 29th!

*discount excludes gift cards & download cards

If you still aren't convinced, go to the Silhouette inspiration blog and check out all the amazing things you can make.

full disclosure: they sent me one to play with but I didn't receive any $ for this review. I only review things I truly love.

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Jun 20, 2011

Crappy Pictures Has a Facebook Page and something else

Ok folks, I started a Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures Facebook Page for you to "like" if you want to keep up and not miss any new ones. The entire series can be seen right here in case you have no idea what I'm talking about.

I won't be posting about them over here so we can get back to crafting in this space!

crappy pictures

Speaking of crafting...I've got a really super cool promo discount deal on a craft product for you tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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Jun 20, 2011

Silhouette Cuts Fabric for Applique

I love my silhouette and how easily it cuts fabric for applique that I use on my kids clothes. I was a bit skeptical at first but it really works well

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May 24, 2011

Yo Ho Yo Ho Pirate Crafts For You

Did I mention that the pirate love has hit my four year old (which means my 18 month old too) and he has been asking me for pirate gear?

Here is my Pirate Eye Patch Template which is a quick project for hand sewing using felt and elastic - no sewing machine required.

I also made them these soft sewn Toy Pirate Swords which are way better than the (more dangerous) tree branches they were using. Cheap to make too.

I hope you ARRRRRRR having a good week!

kids pirate patch swords homemade

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May 23, 2011

Winner of the ERGObaby Giveaway...

And the winner of the ERGObaby Giveaway is...

Sara Brewer who said: "I want an ergo baby carrier soooo bad!!!"

Congrats Sara and thanks to everyone who entered and especially to ERGObaby Carrier!

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May 17, 2011

Apron Pattern for your Half Pint Helpers!

I have a new one for you today! This child's apron pattern is a fast sew and is adjustable to fit sizes 18months to 5T. It will come in handy for several years of cooking with your little ones. We're making cookies today in fact, now that this apron is posted and we can get it dirty!

handmade kids apron

You'll also see that my photos in this particular tutorial aren't very spectacular. This is because I'm a real, live actual mama to little ones! Sometimes, my only time for sewing and tutorial making is in the wee hours of the night when everyone is asleep. Doesn't make for pretty sunlight filled photos, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

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May 13, 2011

Giveaway: ERGObaby Carrier!

Yay!!! I get to giveaway an ERGO of your choice to one lucky winner! You can Comment HERE to enter and read the scoop! Ends May 22nd.

PS - no Facebook or any other account needed to comment this time, thanks for the feedback on that!


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May 03, 2011

Sponsor Intro!

Introducing our newest sponsor,, where Lisa offers coaching, workshops and ecourses to help mamas make their dreams happen. Hard to find the time to make your dreams happen while you have little ones relying on you, right? Believe me, she knows.


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Apr 26, 2011

How to Easily Sew Cuffs on Baby Pants

A number of people have emailed me over the years asking me how to sew cuffs on baby pants easily. I made some pants last week for a friend's son and remembered to take a couple photos!

sew cuffs on baby pants

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Apr 19, 2011

Enter to Win a Dress from Shabby Apple, Just Comment!

We are hosting a giveaway for this beautiful dress from Shabby Apple! You can Comment HERE to enter and read all about it! Contest ends Friday, April 29th!

mariposa dress mariposa dress mariposa dress

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Apr 18, 2011

Free Baby Tank Top Pattern for Summer

I've been working on my 18 month old's summer wardrobe and have been busy sewing simple comfy stretchy tank tops. I love tank tops for little ones since it is SO hot where we live. My new free baby tank top pattern is super easy, just two pattern pieces.

70s baby tank handmade

Happy summer sewing!

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Apr 12, 2011

Renaissance Tunic Pattern

We go to a local Renaissance Faire every spring (food, horses, costumes!) and we're going again in a few weeks. My son grew out of the tunic I sewed for him a couple years ago so I made a new one today. Here is the Renaissance style tunic pattern that I came up with.

renaissance kids shirt

Only one size this time, but it fits loosely so it is a big range. Enjoy!

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Apr 04, 2011

Easy Homemade Bubble Solution for BIG Bubbles!

The weather is getting warmer and we've been having so much fun with this homemade bubble solution recipe in the yard. I will never buy bubble solution again!

big bubble recipe big bubble homemade

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Feb 21, 2011

Knit Baby Blanket Contest Winners...

The winners are...


First Place: The Secret in the Garden by Summer Mungle


Second Place: Jadyn Blanket by Megan Grewal


Third Place: Larkin's Big Girl Blanket by Leigh Anne Staton

Congrats to our winners and thanks again to our judges for doing the very tough job of deciding.

Huge thanks again to our sponsor, Knit Picks, for the $100, $50 & $25 gift certificates and making this contest possible!

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Feb 19, 2011

Baby Blanket Contest Over...Winners announced soon

Our Hand Knit Baby Blanket Contestis over! Winners will be announced next week, just as soon as we hear back from all the judges. Hey, cut them some slack, it is a hard job.

Who will win the $100, $50 or $25 gift certificates from Knit Picks? Find out next week!

Thanks to EVERYONE who entered & good luck!

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Feb 01, 2011

Interactive Wooden Kids Calendar

I'm only a month late with my wooden perpetual calendar but since it is perpetual, you can make this any time of year. We are LOVING this calendar.

wooden perpetual calendar

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Jan 05, 2011

Crafty Mama January: Michelle, Babus Toys

Our new January Crafty mama interview is with Michelle of Babus Toys! I admit we have a couple of her toys and they are huge favorites in our house.

michelle babus wool chain toy

Read the full interview here!

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Jan 01, 2011

Announcing a Hand Knit Baby Blanket Contest!

baby hat knitting contest

Announcing our newest contest! Hand Knit Baby Blanket Contest! Submit your own hand knit baby blanket photo and you could win a $100, $50 or $25 gift certificate from Knit Picks! Yarn, needles, books, oh my!

Time to get those needles out for the rest of winter, right? Or maybe you already knit something up for the holidays? Keep those babies cozy in their blankets.

Come join the knitting fun and submit your photo here!

This will be our last knitting contest this winter as spring is just around the corner, although I know it doesn't feel like it for those of you buried in snow.

We have four amazing judges ready to do the hard job of picking winners and you can see who they are right here on the contest page.

As usual, I may be highlight a few entries here and there on the blog for your winter knitting inspiration.

Huge thanks to Knit Picks for making this contest possible!

The contest ends February 15th!

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Dec 11, 2010

Hand Knit Baby Hat Contest Winner

The winner is Newborn Long Tail Baby Hat!

newborn long tail

Thanks again to Sundara Yarn!

for being our lovely sponsor! We had 70 entries full of amazing inspiration!

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Dec 08, 2010

Last Chance to Enter Your Hand Knit Baby Hat!

Just two more days left of our contest!! Hand Knit Baby Hat Contest! Submit your own hand knit baby hat and you could win a $100 gift certificate to Sundara Yarn!

As I write this, we have 49 entries and they are ALL amazing, we've really enjoyed peeking at these over the last few weeks. Only two more days left to join in and submit your photo here!

The contest ends this Friday, December 10th!

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Dec 03, 2010

Crafty Mama December: Cheryl, Sew Can Do & The Green Hedgehog

Our new featured Crafty Mama for December is Cheryl of Sew Can Do & the Green Hedgehog! You will love her blog, where she shares all kinds of tutorials for things like sewing high chair pad covers and felt doctor kits. Plus, she sells patterns and her hilarious hats in her new shop, The Green Hedgehog. I want that Yoda hat.

sew can do crafty mama

Read the full interview here!

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Nov 24, 2010

Toy Box Plans & Happy Thanksgiving!

I finally posted a page about some of the handmade toyboxes I made recently, in a feeble attempt to gain control over the toy invasion that is about to happen over the holidays.

free toy box plans handmade

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers in the US! I'm so thankful for all of my visitors, you make this website possible!

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Nov 17, 2010

Free Maternity Shirt Pattern (and for mamas too!)

Blood (okay, not blood) sweat & tears were shed over this Maternity Shirt Pattern and the workings of it started many moons ago. I finished it!

The best part about this top? It is for pregnant mamas and non-pregnant mamas alike! Just change where you tie the belt!

maternity patterns top maternity patterns

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Nov 17, 2010

Knit Baby Hat Contest...submissions rolling in!

Our Hand Knit Baby Hat Contest is going on right now and the submissions have started rolling in!

Here are just a few recent ones:

Rorys Rainbow Hat by Sara

rainbow hat

SHEEP! Baby Hat by Jennifer

sheep baby hat

Neapolitan Sundae by Amanda

neapolitan sundae baby hat

And there are oodles more where those came from. You can go to the contest page to view all the submissions and even comment on the entries!

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Nov 09, 2010

Not one but TWO Free Baby Bib Patterns

My youngest is just starting to show an interest in solid food and good grief I forgot how messy this is! So I needed to design some bibs.

My Birdie Bib Pattern is reversible with a cute little bird applique.

My Pocket Bib Pattern is a full-coverage bib that uses just one piece of fabric.

printable bib pattern baby bib patterns printable

Both of these include free, printable PDFs of the pattern to download as usual. Enjoy!

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Nov 08, 2010

Last time I'll bug you about business. Facebook Page.

Yes! I made a Make Baby Stuff Facebook page today too. I'd love to connect with you guys. There are a truckload of people who subscribe to this feed...please come say hi!

Continue reading "Last time I'll bug you about business. Facebook Page."

Nov 01, 2010

Announcing a Hand Knit Baby Hat CONTEST!

baby blanket knitting contest

Announcing our newest contest! Hand Knit Baby Hat Contest! Submit your own hand knit baby hat and you could win a $100 gift certificate to Sundara Yarn!

New knitters welcome! Time to get those needles out for winter anyway, right? Keep those babies heads warm & share your baby knit hats!

Often a baby hat is the very first thing a new knitter will try. They are small, cute and relatively quick and easy. So even if you are a total newbie, you have something to share!

It certainly has been a while since we did a contest and I've really missed seeing what you guys are up to. Come join the knitting fun and submit your photo here!

I've had a lot of requests for more contests and quite a few from you knitters out there. I hope this one is lots of fun for everyone!

PS - I'll be highlighting a few entries here and there on the blog for your winter knitting inspiration.

The contest ends December 10th!

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Oct 18, 2010

Toddler Robot Halloween Costume

My eldest son will be wearing this handmade robot costume this year. It is hard to get him to take it off. Not that I try too hard, it is just too funny to watch him walk around the house wearing this.

robot halloween costume toddler robot accessories

And you? Are you making your little one's costume this year? Or have photos from last year? Share photos right here and tell us what you did!

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