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Make a Ladybug Costume

ladybug costume pattern

Learn to make a ladybug costume for baby using our free pattern template and these simple instructions!

The rounded back of the ladybug is detachable using velcro which makes this costume ideal for babies. This idea came to me after trying to wrangle a costumed baby into a carseat (to go to a Halloween party) and winding up having to remove the whole thing! Simply detach the back and go about your business without having to remove the entire outfit.

This size ladybug shell is ideal for infants to about 18 months. (The child in the photo is two and I think a little larger shell would be better for a child this age. I made this one for a friend's crawling 10 month old. If you plan to make this for an older child, simply enlarge the pattern.)

If your baby is in the crawling stage, this costume is sure to be a hit because she'll look just like a little bug crawling around!

Variation Tip: Use other colored felt for different colored bugs or use felt in green tones to make a turle!

Here is the baby ladybug costume pattern PDF template for you to print out and use.

How to Make a Ladybug Costume:

Step One

ladybug costume materials

Trace the template provided above and cut out six shapes. These shapes are triangles with rounded edges so that when sewn together it forms a curved dome.

Step Two

ladybug costume sew

Sew all six trangle shapes together, taking care to make sure that your raw seams all stay on one side, so that when you turn it right side out they'll all be on the inside. If you mess up (oops! I admit I did mess up once, wasn't paying attention) remember that seam rippers are your friends and that is what they are meant for. By the way, if you don't have a seam ripper...go get one! They are on my "must have" list for any crafter who dabbles in sewing.

Step Three

make a ladybug costume

Cut out circles from black felt and pin them on until you get a nice layout of dots then sew them on. I handstitched them because I found it tough to follow along those tight curves with my sewing machine.

Next cut a circle in red felt that is 8.5" diameter to be the base. Turn your spotty shell inside out and sew it on to the base, leaving a few inches open to turn it right side out. Turn right side out then stuff. Finally, sew up the stuffing hole.

Step Four

make a ladybug costume

Next, sew on a few strips of velcro on the back of a onesie. A black onesie would be ideal but since solid black is often tough to find in baby clothes, you could just go with white like I did, or use these onesie dyeing instructions.

You can either sew the "grabby" side of the velcro onto the onesie and stick it directly onto the felt (it will stick well on most felt) or you can sew the opposite sides of the velcro onto the ladybug form.

Alternatively, you can just sew on the ladybug form onto your shirt, but having it detachable can come in handy for getting in the car, eating, nursing, etc.

Antennae Instructions

make a ladybug costume

When you make a ladybug costume, don't forget the bug antennae! This really raises the cute factor of your costume and is so very simple. Shove some styrofoam balls on top of pipe cleaners and then wrap the ends around a headband.

Styrofoam paints up nicely with some acrylic paint. If your acrylic is too thick, just add a little water to get better coverage on the bumpy styrofoam.


homemade ladybug costume

Wishing you and your little bug a fun and safe Halloween!

Go to the Homemade Baby Costumes Section for more costumes and Halloween crafting!

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Ladybug Costume Materials:

  • Red felt
  • Black felt
  • Headband
  • Two strofoam balls
  • Two pipe cleaners
  • Velcro
  • Stuffing


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