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Keepsake Baby Jewelry

Use step-by-step illustrated beading instructions to make beaded baby name bracelets for your little ones!

If you are interested in making keepsake jewelry for yourself check out Wanda's Mama Jewelry tutorial!

Keepsake Baby Jewelry
Beaded Baby Name Bracelet

This tutorial assumes that you are new to beading. The beading technique used is called bead stringing. It's an easy, beginner technique.

These beading instructions are very step by step. Each step is complete with pictures and detailed instructions.

Two Quick Notes About Making Baby Jewelry

Selecting Your Beads...Select beads labeled "lead free". Lead in jewelry can be harmful to babies and small children.

So, no crystals. Beads made of lead free pewter, sterling silver, gold or pearls are good choices.

Choose these metals and organic material for keepsake baby jewelry that lasts a lifetime.

Baby Jewelry Sizes...Bracelet sizes for newborns to twenty four months can range from 3.5" - 5.5" (8.9 - 14 cm) respectively.

To adjust the size, simply add or remove a few beads and check the fit on your little one's wrist.

Once you've bought and gathered your supplies and materials, you'll need about 45 minutes to one hour to complete this baby jewelry making project.

Let's get started...

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Beading Instructions

Approximate Length: Bracelet: 5" (12.7 cm)

Beaded Baby Name Bracelet Beading Supplies

  • alphabet letter beads (to spell out your baby's name or initials)
  • 4 6mm heart shaped beads
  • 4 4mm round beads
  • 12 3mm round beads
  • 2 2mm crimp beads
  • 2 4mm crimp covers
  • 2 7mm or 8mm split rings
  • 1 lobster claw clasp
  • 10" (25.4 cm) length of .014 or .015 diameter stainless steel beading wire

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Beads
Sterling Silver Beads and Lead Free Pewter Alphabet Letter Beads

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Findings
Left to right: Crimp Beads, Crimp Covers, Split Rings and Lobster Claw Clasp

Flexible Beading Wire
Flexible Beading Wire

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Beading Tools and/or Pliers

  • crimping pliers
  • wire cutters
  • round nose pliers
  • split ring pliers (optional)
  • beading board (optional)

Crimping Pliers Wire Cutters
Left: Crimping Pliers, Right: Wire Cutters

Round Nose Pliers Split Ring Pliers
Left: Round Nose Pliers, Right: Split Ring Pliers

Here's more information on how to use jewelry pliers and what beading tasks they are used to accomplish.

Beading Board
Beading Board

A beading board helps you to layout a pattern without the beads rolling around and to measure the length of the bracelet. The numbers along the side are one inch marks.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Beading Instructions

1. Gather supplies, tools and beads.

2. Layout bracelet pattern.

On the beading board, starting at the '0' mark, place the center letter of the name or word you want to spell.

On both sides of the last letter bead, layout the beads in this pattern twice: 3mm bead, 4mm bead, 6mm bead. Now, place two 3mm beads on each end of the pattern.

This pattern will yield a bracelet that is 4.5" (11.4 cm) without the clasp. The clasp (two split rings and a lobster claw clasp) is about 1" (2.5 cm). The finished length of the bracelet is about 5.5" (14 cm).

Ways to adjust the length: (1) Use smaller beads, split rings and clasp or (2) Use fewer beads.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project
Center Bracelet Pattern on '0'

3. Make a bead stopper and string the beads.

On one end of the length of beading wire, tie a loose knot to act as a bead stopper. (This will keep your beads from falling off the beading wire while you string them.)

String, or thread, all the beads onto the flexible beading wire.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project
Make a Bead Stopper and String the Beads

4. After stringing all of the beads, check to ensure that you have strung the bead pattern as you want it. Make any necessary adjustments now.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project
Bead Pattern Strung Correctly

5. On one end of the strand of beads, string a crimp bead and one split ring onto the flexible beading wire.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project
String a Crimp Bead and Split Ring on One Bracelet End

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Beading Instructions Continued

6. Pass the beading wire back through the crimp bead and a few other beads.

Repeat the Steps 5 and 6 for the second wire end.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project

7. On one of the split rings, using the split ring pliers (or your fingers), open a split spring and slide the lobster claw clasp into it.

Slide the lobster claw clasp onto the split ring until the split ring is closed and the clasp is secure.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project

8. With the round nose pliers in your dominant hand, place the tip of the round nose pliers between the split ring and the crimp tube bead. (For greater leverage, rest the tip of the pliers on your work surface.) Using your index finger and thumb of your non-dominant hand, pull on the end of the flexible beading wire to draw the beads next to the clasp.

Repeat the process on the other end.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project

9. Check the fit of the bracelet. (There's no picture for this specific task.)

Before you secure the clasp, let's check the fit of the bracelet.

Gently pick up the bracelet and clasp it around your baby's wrist.

Is it too loose or too tight? If the length is not as you'd like it to be, simply undo the ends, add or remove beads.

Recheck the fit.

Restring the ends.

When you're satisfied with the fit, move onto the next step.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Beading Instructions Continued

10. Crimp both bracelet ends.

With your dominant hand, pick up the crimping pliers.

Place the crimp bead into the notch closest to the pliers' handle.

Try to ensure that the wires are separated and parallel, with one wire on each side of the notch.

Squeeze the pliers shut.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project

11. Place the crimped crimp bead into the notch closest to the crimping pliers' tip.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project

Squeeze the pliers shut to fold the crimp bead.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project

Folded crimp bead with attached clasp.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project

12. Trim the excess wire from both bracelet ends.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Beading Instructions Continued

13. Add crimp covers.

This step is optional, but gives your keepsake baby jewelry a more finished look.

Place the folded crimp bead into the crimp cover.

(Note: The opening of the crimp cover is a little snug. You may need to lay the crimp cover on your flat work surface with the opening facing upward. Then, work the folded crimp bead into the opening.)

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project

Place the crimp covered bead into the notch closest to the crimping pliers' tip.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project

Squeeze the pliers shut.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project

Crimp cover in place.

Keepsake Baby Jewelry Project

You've finished making your beaded baby name bracelet...

Keepsake Baby Jewelry

Keepsake Baby Jewelry

Enjoy your baby keepsake jewelry!

Your little one will grow to appreciate that you made it!

Tutorial created by Wanda A. Epps. Visit her at to find out about where and how to buy beading supplies, and how to make more beaded jewelry.

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