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Jewel's Quilt

by Angie Leroy
(Leavenworth, Washington)

Jewel's Quilt

Jewel's Quilt

I am not really much of a sewer compared to most, but one day I found this McCall's Kaumagraph transfer pattern #1333, copyright 1947, at a yard sale. It was just so charming that I decided to use it for a baby quilt for a new niece due to arrive in January of 2008. I spent the fall of 2007 making the quilt; it took me about four months. It is all hand stitched, except for the actual pieces that are put together for the top and it measures 42"x47".

I embroidered all the little animals on muslin, and quilted with the embroidery thread as well. I picked out some white-with-red-polka-dots cotton fabric from Joanne's for the front, a pretty blue stripe with tiny yellow roses for the back, and a wide blue satin ribbon for the edge.

The edge is attached to the quilt with embroidery stitches on both sides. In addition to the kaumagraph transfer, I further embellished the designs as I thought it needed. I also has a single layer of unbleached batting.

I read Alicia's blog regularly, and decided to enter the contest for fun when I read about it there (and I do occasionally lust after the fabrics available at Superbuzzy). Sadly, when I went to retrieve the quilt for photos, it was lying in a corner covered in stains amongst various bits of trash and other dirty items in the living room of their very, very, dirty house (complete with mouse poop and cast off garbage!).

Although my heart was broken over the treatment of this precious item, I was successful in removing most of the stains and now I don't know what I should do. Return it to be ruined? Keep it at my house for a snuggle blanket if my nieces ever come over? It is so hard to let go of something that one has poured one's heart into and have is mistreated so.

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I love it
by: Anonymous

This is a beautiful quilt. You did an amazing job. I just love it. I think you should hang on to it until the baby is an adult :)

by: Wanda

What is Kaumagraph Transfer Just anoter name for embroidery transfer?. It's got to be someting more than that, right?

Love the hand embroidry and the pattern
by: Anonymous


I think you should keep the quilt at your house for the visits of the little one.

And seriously consider reporting the household conditions to CPS. My job requires that I do this, and you can remain anonymous. I doubt that the family will listen to you. The little one deserves to be safe and sound.

And the quilt is precious and wonderful and I hope you keep it safe and sound. And consider making more of the same pattern for people who will appreciate it more. I would love to be able to make this quilt! The pattern was quite a find!

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