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"It's a Boy!" Card Tutorial

This "It's a Boy" card is very simple to make, as long as you have patience and a nice and clean and tidy work area. The main attraction on this card are the wooden handpainted ladybugs emblem. This can either be bought ready made or you can take the plunge and make it yourself, it all depends on how confident you are feeling!

First decide on which color you want your card to be, the design of this has been purposely chosen so that it can apply to either a girl or a boy, so that the backing color can easily be changed.

Choose your papers and cards carefully as when it comes to sticking on the ladybirds you dont want the surface to be uneven.

Materials Needed:

  • White or Beige Card
  • Blue paper/tissue/card
  • Embellishments (wooden ladybugs)
  • Glue Stick
  • Craft Knife & Ruler

its a boy baby card

Carefully measure out 2 squares the same size, these will be the new homes for your ladybirds so they need to be cut straight and very carefully with your craft knife - watch your fingers! You can use as many different pieces of card as you wish as sometimes the more layers is better and adds more character.

its a boy card

Once you have your cut out squares, carefully glue them to the greetings card, do not apply too much pressure because the paper is thin, if you press down with your glue stick to hard then the paper might rip! Next take the ladybugs and carefully stick in place, as these are wooden and may not have been bought with adhesive backs then you may want to use your glue gun to secure them.

This card can be decorated with anything else you wish as long as it is color coordinating, as you can see from the picture I have simply used a consistant blue papers throughout the design, but remember you could use pink if its a girl...and there are so many other options for other embellishments, such as safety pins, prams, footprints and dummys. If your quite handy with a pencil then have a go at drawing a few yourself these could look quite good cut out and stuck on to your card.

Good Luck!

This tutorial was shared with us by Rachel, who makes and sells funky handmade cards from her website as well as offering other tutorials. Thanks Rachel!


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Boy/Girl Tip:

Change the background color and create a card for a girl.

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