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Inexpensive Maternity Clothes

Inexpensive maternity clothes might seem hard to find at first, but with these tricks and tips you will be amazed by how much money you can save yet still look great and feel comfortable!

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I really hate maternity clothes. Why? Because they are expensive, poorly made and they never actually look very flattering on. Yes, I've tried it all...from Target brands to very high end ($80 for a cotton tank top anyone?) and it is all pretty much the same...not very good. Also, why spend loads of money on clothes you'll wear for less than a year? That is crazy! So what is a crafty and frugal "mama to be" to do?

Start with these tips and you'll be in good shape both financially and fashionably.

Inexpensive Maternity Clothes Tips & Ideas:

Alter What You Have

Ever notice that it isn't the width of your stretchy, cotton shirts that don't work once your belly grows, but the length? Yes, you can keep wearing plain old non-maternity tees if you combine two of them together to create length!

inexpensive maternity clothes

If you don't want to cut up any of your shirts, head to the thrift store and buy a couple stretchy cotton shirts to deconstruct and sew together to create a nice long maternity shirt! Be sure to choose shirts that are approximately the same width and weight.

inexpensive maternity clothing

Look for Non-Maternity Clothes that Will Work

It is all about the empire waist and stretchy jersey cotton! Look for non-maternity clothes and save a bundle! For example, non-maternity jersey cotton, empire waist dresses work wonders as shirts during pregnancy. The best part is that they'll be cheaper, fit better, be higher quality and you can wear them after pregnancy because they aren't maternity clothes!

inexpensive maternity dress

Case in point above...the grey dress on the left is from a fancy maternity store and cost $60. The grey dress on the left is from Forever 21 and was only $15! It isn't maternity, but it is essentially the same exact thing, only cheaper! Ironically, the cheapie one fits better and looks better while the expensive "maternity" one is scratchy on and looks frumpy.

Sew Your Own!

homemade maternity clothes
Yes, sew your own inexpensive maternity clothes! This is an excellent way to save money and create things in prints and fabrics you love that fit you perfectly.

Even if you've never sewn clothing for yourself before, these are not tough projects to begin with! The key is creating things that are adjustable, like wrap skirts and using stretchy fabrics that will grow with you.

Check out our Maternity Clothes Patterns section for free maternity patterns and tutorials for sewing your own!

Go to the Maternity Clothes Patterns section for free maternity patterns!

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