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How to Make Stickers from Children's Books

Learn how to make stickers with this super fun project and give your beat up old books a new life! I often come across ripped up vintage children's books at thrift stores but fall in love with the pictures and take them home with me. These well-loved books with torn or stained pages are perfect to craft with if they aren't in good enough condition for reading!

These homemade stickers from art out of children's books would be great for scrap-booking or to use as envelope seals for birthday invitations. Stickers are also pretty darn magical on long airplane flights and car rides for the 18 month - 2.5 year old. Did you have a sticker book as a child? Once you learn how to make stickers you'll be hooked!


  • Children's picture books, printed images, printed photos, magazines
  • Large circle punch (mine is a Fiskars 1.5")
  • Xyron Sticker Machine (mine was under $20 from a craft store)

how to make stickers

First, the fun part! Position your circle cutter on an image and punch it out. Repeat! I love the Fiskars brand because you can see what you are cutting up because the view hole is on the top. I've gone through many, many craft punches through the years and these are the best.

make stickers

Once you have an assortment of circles that will become stickers, feed them right side up into your Xyron. How many you can put through at a time depends on the size of your machine. Turn the crank...

diy stickers

Perfect peel & stick stickers come out! Cut them up individually or in strips.

Not convinced yet? Don't think you need a sticker machine? Stickers also make excellent (non-candy, non-cheap plastic) birthday party favors. Use photos of your baby and give as gifts, use as envelope seals and to put in scrapbooks. Print up images of something your child is obsessed with and make garbage truck, dinosaur, fairy, doll, rainbow or animal stickers. When you child grows older, they can help you pick out images in magazines for a fun craft project to do together. Make name labels or organizational labels. How about educational stickers with colors, shapes and numbers? Stickers of the states? The list goes on and on...

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