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How to Make Bubble Solution: My Big Bubble Recipe

If you are looking for how to make bubble solution for your kids, look no further! I tested a whole bunch of recipes and soaps and discovered a really simple method that works well, especially if you want a big bubble recipe.

We went to a birthday party recently where they had a bubble lady come with kiddie pools filled with solution and huge bubble wands. The bubbles we made were incredible and several feet long! I asked her what the secret was and she said it was just Dawn soap with filtered water and glycerine.

I have always disliked purchasing bubble solution. It seemed so wasteful with the packaging and knowing that I was paying money for something I could easily make at home. Plus, I don't know if you've noticed this too, but purchased bubble solution isn't what it used to be. It seems thinner and the bubbles pop almost right away! No fun.

How to Make Bubble Solution: Big Bubble Recipe

how to make bubble solution homemade bubble wands

You'll need Dawn soap (I just grabbed whatever version/scent was on sale since I don't normally use it), a big bowl, vegetable glycerine and ideally distilled or filtered water. You'll also need some homemade bubble wands, like kitchen twine with two halves of a straw strung on and then tied, shown above. A note about soap - I normally use natural brands but these will not work because they don't create enough suds. Dawn is the very best for this and one bottle will last a long, long time.

Big Bubble Solution Recipe:
1 part Dawn Soap
10 parts water
1/4 part glycerine

big bubble recipe dish soap bubbles

All I did was take a small metal cup and fill it with Dawn and poured it in my pot. Then I used it to count out ten cups of water. Finally I filled the cup 1/4 full with the vegetable glycerine. Stir gently, but well.

Finally, and this is the most important thing!!! Just leave it to sit for an hour. Or even more. Trust me, homemade bubble solution gets better with age. It does work right away but an hour later it will be even better with stronger, longer lasting bubbles. Avoid the frusteration of the little ones and make it and let it sit for a bit.

big bubble homemade homemade bubble solution

We used the classic bent hanger and two straws with string (pictured above) as well as various other things. The best bubble wands (especially for the little ones) though were our hands!

Have fun blowing homemade bubbles now that you know how to make bubble solution!

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