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Homemade Toys - Make Your Own Baby Toys

Making homemade toys for baby is incredibly fun and addictive. Few baby crafts are more rewarding than handmade toys. Once you see a child play with and enjoy something you personally made you won't be able to stop!

Babies don't need fancy toys with batteries and sounds and flashing lights and once you realize this, the world of toy making suddenly opens with all its crafty goodness.

From sewing projects to woodworking to felt and more, enjoy these free toy making tutorials and patterns! There is something for every skill set here, from beginners to crafty masters.

Wooden Toys

homemade wooden toys
Homemade Birdie Toy Tutorial
Everyone must try their hand at making wooden toys. Don't be afraid of woodworking! If you can operate a sewing machine you can make wooden toys. Here are complete instructions and a free pattern for making a wooden birdie toy using either a scroll saw or a handheld coping saw.

homemade wooden puzzle
Wooden Puzzle Instructions
Simple wooden puzzles are easy for the novice woodworker and make great learning toys for children too. Complete instructions with a photo tutorial from start to finish. Anyone can make a puzzle like this, the only problem is being able to stop making them!

homemade doll cradle
Doll Cradle Plans
Toddlers love to put their dolls and stuffed animals to bed. Here are complete plans for making your own wooden rocking doll cradle. It is easy, trust me! No woodworking skills required. Make it out of just five pieces of wood that you can have cut before you even leave the lumberyard!

wooden toy to make
Wooden Memory Tile Tutorial
An easy wooden toy project even for non-woodworkers! Memory tiles are great learning toys for colors, vocabulary building, numbers and more. Younger babies love sorting them and looking at the images and they'll last a lot longer than ones made of paper. These are simple to make, honest!

homemade wooden blocks
Make Wooden Building Blocks
Now that you've followed some of the other wooden toy tutorials you're bound to have some scrap wood! Make a lovely set of blocks out of it very easily. You can also source scrap wood for cheap from your local lumberyard and you can build an expensive heirloom quality set for next to nothing.

toy box for nursery
Free Toy Box Plans
Really easy toy box project that you can build - even if you are a total newbie at woodworking. The best part is how you can customize it to suit your nursery decor theme. Robots? Ellepants? You can make anything! Very simple construction, with the front panel cut out into a shape with a jigsaw.

Sewn & Soft Toys

teddybear pattern
Teddy Bear Pattern & Instructions
A free teddy bear pattern PDF to print and use to sew an adorable bear out of a recycled, felted wool sweater! Cozy, cuddly, eco-friendly, natural and cheap too. The sweater you find will determine the personality of your bear and the stretchiness of the material will hide any imperfect sewing and add character to your toy.

homemade stuffed bunny
Stuffed Bunny Pattern & Instructions
A free stuffed bunny pattern PDF to print and use! Complete instructions for making a soft and cuddly bunny out of on old tee shirt. Perfect for any time of year and of course ideal for Easter baskets! You could use felted wool sweaters for bunny too. This bunny toy is very easy to make and could be handsewn fast!

toy sword homemade
Pirate Sword Toy Pattern
A pirate sword that is soft and safe for playing with and also easy to make! Just soft foam tubing from the hardware store, cotton batting and a fabric cover and you'll have a sword for your little pirate in no time! Make sure to make two because you'll want to join in on the sword play too. I designed this to be soft and flexible so it was safe for my four year old to play with his younger brother.

homemade baby doll
Doll Pattern & Instructions
Use this free doll pattern PDF and follow the detailed photo instructions to create a classic rag doll with modern fabrics! Such an easy project that you'll want to do again and again. Beginning sewer, this is the doll project to start with and you'll soon learn that you don't even need a pattern.

elf doll
Elf Doll Pattern & Instructions
Another free doll pattern - this time it is for an elf! Either for Christmas or anytime of year, these adorable elves are a quick sew project and a great way to to use up small bits of fabric in your stash. Includes step by step photo tutorial and a totally free pattern for you to print out and use.

handmade toy soft blocks
Soft Blocks Sewing Tutorial
Sew some cute soft fleece or felt blocks easily! Soft blocks are ideal homemade toys for baby because they are easy to clutch and safe when thrown. No sharp corners and lightweight! Stackable and textural, they make excellent learning toys.

homemade toy puppet
Felted Sweater Mouse Puppet
An easy project for creating an adorable mouse puppet out of a felted wool sweater. Felting wool sweaters is a great way to upcycle thrift store finds, turning them into handmade baby toys! Using the sleeve, it is the perfect size for your hand and the edge is already finished. Complete pattern and instructions.

homemade waldorf doll
Waldorf Doll Instructions
Photo tutorial that explains what is involved with making a traditional Waldorf doll out of natural materials. These handmade wool and cotton dolls and are truly works of art and become cherished heirlooms. Details include head construction and more!

Recycled & Upcycled Toys

homemade bean bags
Bean Bag Toss Game
This is the easiest and most well recieved homemade toy you can create! Recycle a cardboard box into your bean bag toss box and use some fabric scraps to quicky sew up some bean bags. Your kids will have endless and creative fun with this set, there are many games and ways to play and learn.

homemade wooden toys
Cardboard Playhouse Plans
No need to buy a huge plastic playhouse, make a sturdy one out of cardboard instead! With a little duct tape and some paint it will turn into something so stylish you'll want to keep in in the livingroom. Complete photo tutorial and plans for making an adorable playhouse.

homemade wooden toys
Recycled Wallpaper Blocks
Have some packaging boxes lying around? Does your baby like to play with boxes but you hate the idea of her playroom littered with trash? Turn trash into toys with this simple tutorial for making sturdy and lightweight blocks out of product packaging and wallpaper!

More Toys

playdough recipe
Homemade Playdough
Here is a fantastic homemade playdough recipe using just kitchen staples. Add food coloring for vibrant colors! By making your own you'll save money and you will know exactly what it consists of and will know that it is safe and non-toxic for your toddler.

play silk dool aid dye
Kool-Aid Dyed Playsilks
Did you know you can dye play silks with Kool-Aid or food coloring and that you can find silks for just a few dollars? Give your child a basket full of colorful silks and be amazed at the many ways they will use them in imaginative play. Full easy dyeing instructions.

big bubble recipe
Homemade Bubble Solution Recipe
Bubbles! There is simply nothing more that can delight and entertain a little one on a sunny day as well as this homemade bubble solution can. Here is my recipe for BIG bubbles and ones that last a long time as they float away across your yard in the breeze. A classic dish soap method with some helpful tips as well as homemade bubble wand ideas.

homemade stickers
Homemade Stickers
Stickers aren't toys you say? Tell that to my 18 month old who played with them for an hour on a long plane trip. Perfect project to make for birthday party favors too. Have some old magazines or books lying around? Complete instructions for turning old beat up children's books into fun stickers. You might also like to make your own temporary tattoos which are also great fun!


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