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Natural Homemade Cleaning Products that are Baby Safe

Homemade cleaning products are incredibly easy to whip up once you understand the key ingredients and how cleaners work. You can save a bundle of money and you'll be using products that are environmentally and baby friendly if you make them yourself.

All those scary cleaning bottles under your kitchen sink? Stop buying those! Not only will you have to keep your supplies under lock and key when you have a curious and crawling baby but every time you use them you are putting those chemicals into the air and onto surfaces.

Here are several make it yourself product tutorials from everything from making baby soap to making homemade cleaning products that are safe to use on toys.

how to clean baby toys
How to Clean Baby Toys
Homemade cleaning solutions for baby toys that are affordable, safe for baby and natural. Easily learn to clean plastic, wood, cotton, stuffed animals and even wool toys without using harsh chemicals. Break free from relying on store bought chemical cleaners and make your own!

homemade baby products
Homemade Baby Soap
Yes, you can even make your own bars of organic baby soap. Be in charge of the scent using organic essential oils and pick a soap base that is right for your family. Complete instructions and lots of photos are included in this tutorial you don't want to miss!

diaper wipes solution
Diaper Wipes Solution Recipes
Recipes to make your own wipe solution for cloth wipes or disposable wipes. You can save money by making your own solution and know exactly what ingredients are being used. No need to buy commercial wipes ever again! A handy spray bottle is great for homemade solution for changes on the go.


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