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Make Homemade Baby Food

Homemade baby food is an excellent way to save money and ensure that your child is eating the most natural and nutritious ingredients. Even if you aren't crafty in any other way you can get creative with food! It isn't hard either...well it can be, but consider this the "I have no time" method to making baby and toddler food because trust me, I relate to that.

When you get to that point when your baby goes through a phase and refuses to eat any fruits or vegetables these are the recipes to fall back upon. These are the "I'm tired and have no time but I need to make something healthy for my child that he'll actually eat" tried and true recipes. Or, at least they were for me, every baby is different! I hit this point when my son was about 18 months. Up until then he ate everything! I could feed him the same steamed broccoli at every meal for days and he gobbled it up. Everything changed when he met cheese and canned tomatoes. He suddenly had his favorites and nothing else would do. Part of this is developmental and part of it was that he had more teeth coming in...but either way I had to get creative with foods.

squash baby food
I'm not including many homemade baby food recipes here (there are already entire websites devoted to this) nor am I including the boring starter foods like "Steam squash, mash with a fork, feed to baby" because really, most people can figure that out. All the recipes and instructions I've included here are for things that are quick to make and that I eat alongside my baby, because they are so tasty! They are also just basic recipes that you can adapt, using ingredients that you know are a hit with your own child.

Make Homemade Baby Food Ideas - For Young Toddlers*

castle baby bithday cake
Homemade Birthday Cakes
Some great ideas for homemade birthday cakes for baby's first birthday and beyond! Use any recipe you like and get some inspiration from these fun designs. Building a sculpural cake is not hard once you see the different parts it is made from. With just a few pans and a cupcake or two you can create pretty much anything!

homemade baby food smoothie
Homemade Baby Food Smoothies
Once your child can drink out of a straw, smoothies are a gift from the universe. They are quick, healthy and a fabulous method of sneaking in fruits, vegetables, dairy and cereals. Especially during painful molar teething a cold smoothie goes down nicely and soothes gums.

how to make baby bread
Heathy Snack Breads
If your toddler loves carbs (who doesn't) then make them healthier by making your own and adding fruits and veggies! Scrumptious breads that they can feed themselves and utilize as fast snacks instead of store bought cookies or crackers. Simple to make and can be frozen for convenience, just slice off a piece and thaw.

homemade baby eggs
Egg Scrambles
Eggs are a handy way to get protein, are easy to pick up and they go nicely with some veggies, cheese or meats mixed in. Early on, you can make them with egg yolks only if you are concerned about egg white allergies - check with your pediatrician. I often make a big batch and eat it for breakfast too!

baby food pancakes
Even faster than making bread, veggie pancakes are a super easy way to create healthy finger foods for the self eater. A great way to get vegetables and whole grains in an easy to pick up (and tasty) food. These have the bonus of also being able to be reheated as needed and some people will even make a batch and freeze the extras.

toddler christmas trees
Fun Christmas Toddler Craft
Is this healthy? No. But it is fun and easy. If you are searching for a fun Christmas themed toddler craft other than letting them decorate (or should we say destroy) cookies, this is a very fun project. I was surprised by how easy it was and how adorable they turned out.

***Please note that there are potential allergy issues when introducing new foods to your baby or toddler. You can easily adapt recipes to suit your family. will not offer an appropriate age recommendation for these recipes as every child is different. When in doubt, contact your pediatrician.


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