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Handmade carriers shared by our readers!

Browse these homemade baby carriers recently submitted by our readers as part of a contest!

Our homemade baby carrier contest is over, but please look at all the wonderful entries below for inspiration! Handmade ring slings, mei tais, wraps and more!

Congrats to Kristin for her winning Falling Leaves Entry, she won a 4.6 Leo Storch wrap!

Here are baby carrier patterns & tutorials for sewing your own!

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DIY Baby Carrier Reader Submissions

Click below to see all the DIY baby carrier submissions shared by our crafty readers!

Rainbow  starstarstarstarstar
I made a faux Ball Baby Overall mei tai which has wide, wrap like straps rather than traditional narrow mei tai straps.

My Stop and Smell the Roses MT  starstarstarstarstar
I was looking for other types of carrier when I came across MeiTais. There were so many beautiful carriers! How could I choose? Then I looked at prices ...

my multi-colored wrap  starstarstarstarstar
This is my DS and I just after he fell alseep. So sweet!

I wanted to try wrapping so I went to Walmart and chose a woven fabric. I'm "fluffy" so I ...

Chocolate Brown and Brocade Ring Sling  starstarstarstarstar
I made this sling for a friend, who just wanted something in a "chocolate brown." I found some gorgeous twill in a color called "Potting Soil" and an even ...

Plus-Sized Pea-Bean-Baby Woven Wrap  starstarstarstarstar
I was shocked at the $100 plus price tag on woven wraps on the market and thought, "This is too easy to make. Why on earth would anyone pay that price?...

GRAB AND GO GAUZE or, The "I Want to Back Carry"  starstarstarstarstar
I was SOOO excited to try wrapping... the thought of wearing my newborn on my back just thrilled me - and having very little cash, and knowing how short ...

Tablerunner/Placemat Onbuhimo  starstarstarstarstar
An Onbuhimo is a Japanese style carrier very similar to a Mei Tai, but instead of waist straps, an Onbu has two rings.

I'm going to show you how to ...

Sleek Interchangeable Panel Mei Tai  starstarstarstarstar
This is the first Mei Tai I made. I took my time looking at various Mei Tai patterns (including the one on this site!) before coming up with a modified ...

Falling Leaves Soft Structered Carrier  starstarstarstarstar
This is my second attempt at a soft structered carrier (SSC) and has been a long time in the planning. I don’t remember when I decided to make it, but ...

Sparrows Reversable Mei Tai  starstarstarstarstar
This is the 3rd Mei Tei that I've made. I designed this one based on the pictures I've seen online of the BabyHawk. I used chocolate brown twill for the ...

Soft structured carrier  starstarstarstarstar
I've been through several purchased carriers wraps, slings, baby bjorn etc... I like them each but for different purposes. I wanted to find one carrier ...

Denim strapped toddler carrier with Koto Pink fabric  starstarstarstarstar
This is my second ever DIY, and by far my favorite of all time carrier.

I used Christmasevetwins (Kristen's) tutorial online and then altered EVERYTHING ...

The cheapest wrap around!  starstarstarstarstar
I am a new babywearer and I had a pouch as my first carrier. It was great but I saw a video of how to wrap a Moby and was fascinated. Being a broke new ...

KarriMeBub Soft Structured Carrier  starstarstarstarstar
This is the first Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) that I have ever made (I've only made two so far). I had decided to make it after trying out my sister'...

Lighthouse Mei Tai (DIY)  starstarstarstarstar
I made this mei tai from scratch, with some fabric I found that I had fallen in love with. I just adore lighthouses, they stand for light in the darkness,...

Berrylicious Meltai hybrid  starstarstarstarstar
This wrap turned MT was made from a Wrapstar Berrylicious Wrap (which is made by a WAHM in NZ) that I bought on our own FSOT board. It was loved and well ...

Buddha Baby Podegi  starstarstarstarstar

I made this pattern for a podegi, I really loved my less padded podegis so I went no padding wider straps w/ a forgiving twill and heavy weight ...

Silk Indio Gradation  starstarstarstarstar
This is my first gradation dye job. I just recently starting dying my wraps. I have been enjoying to process so I decided my silk indio would look great ...

Thick Purple Waves Mei Tai  starstarstarstarstar
I originaly had a regular thin Purple Waves. I LOVED it. I used it all the time, it felt amazing on my shoulders, bouncy is how I would describe it. So ...

Dragonfly Dreams Mei Tai  starstarstarstarstar
This mei tai was made with a panel from recycled vintage kimono fabric. It is for sure a one of a kind carrier!

I wanted something special to carry ...

Chocolate Raspberries Wrap  starstarstarstarstar
I started with an Almond Flower Indio wrap for this dye job, I decided to dye this because I wanted a unique carrier.

Using dharma dyes I did a low ...

Amanda's one and only Homemade Ring Sling   starstarstarstarstar
Did you make it from scratch?
I did make this from scratch. I went to Walmart and picked out my fabric. Its 100% cotton with no stretch to it. Im not ...

Lime/Olive Didymos Pfau Wrap  starstarstarstarstar
Here is my dyed by me lime/olive Pfau. I loved Pfau, but did not really like the stark look of the black/white. So I decided to dye. Went to the store ...

Two Tone "Gira" Tai   starstarstarstarstar
I took a Girasol Unelma wrap scrap, and made it into the perfect summer carrier. It is a standard mei tai, with a single layer of wrap for the carrier ...

Giraffe Mei Tai  starstarstarstarstar
I made this giraffe MT to wear for halloween to match a giraffe costume. I made the straps padded and the waist lightly padded. Padded leg rests and ...

Red and White Indio Pouch  starstarstarstarstar
I made a pouch, when I was pregnant, for my new baby. I used a Red and White Indio didymos wrap and made a pouch with a full french/flat felled seam.

I ...

Wrap Converted Ring Sling  starstarstarstarstar
I had trouble working ring slings the first few times I tried. Then I tried a friend's wrap that was converted into a ring sling and I had to have my ...

Coutoured MT   starstarstarstarstar
I made this to give to someone else, but when I was finished I wanted to keep it myself! I used some beautiful Home Dec fabric from Joann's and some soft ...

Ava Mei Tai  starstarstarstar
This carrier was inspired by my newly adopted baby daughter Ava.

The fabric is Henry Alexander "Ava". I used red hemp silk for the lining and also ...

Linen Ring Sling with Monogrammed Silk Tail  starstarstarstar
This is my first DIY project. I followed the pattern from Sleeping Baby Productions and made a linen ring sling with a silk dupioni tail. I made a large ...

Silver dyed Silk Millefiori  starstarstarstar
I dyed this natural colored silk Millefiori a silver color using Dharma dye in silver. I started using only a portion of color but ended up using it all ...

My $19 Elegant Wrap  starstarstarstar
I wanted a wrap but didn't want to spend the money on a Moby. I went to the fabric store and bought 5 yards of a garment stretch fabric that was very ...

Make Your Own Ring Sling Fast and Easy  starstarstarstar
Here's my blog post where I wrote about how to make your own ring sling:

Turtle Beach  starstarstar
I used dylon hand dye to create this graduation dyed effect on the Didymos Pfau wrap. I like a width graduation dye because then the rails are different ...

going to the beach mt  starstarstar
me and dh made this out of some fabric i had planned on making a skirt out of but ended up making a mt plus carry abg and cell phone bag that attaches ...

My Bunny Mei Tai  starstarstar
I made this for Siobhan when I was pregnant with her. I had scored some fantastic Playboy Bunny fabric a few years ago, and have been holding onto it ...

Babyhawk Knock Off  starstar
I borrowed an old Babyhawk Mei Tei to copy. Some people play be ear...I sew by eye. I simply looked at the MT and made my own for 15$.

the wrapper  star
i bought the material and cut it to 5 ft long and hemed the edges


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