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Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids

Here are healthy snack recipes for kids to inspire you to try something new! Stuck offering the same old boring finger foods? I hear you. Once your child hits toddler age and are moving, moving, moving they need to eat and eat. A lot. But rarely at one time, especially if you have a "grazer" like I do. You feel like the moment you cleaned up from the last snack they are ready for the next one. It can be tiring, especially if you are feeling uninspired about what to offer. Serving the same thing every day doesn't feel right either. This is a great time to expose your child to different foods!

Starting at around 18 months (for both my boys) all of a sudden they just wanted to eat finger foods...and constantly. Both of them never seemed to eat more than three bites at a time but ten minutes later they were ready for three more bites. There was no way I was able to serve up "meals" at this age during the day, it would all get wasted and my time was already limited. Little, healthy tidbits of food became essential to my sons who certainly falled in the "grazer" category of eaters. Just like me, really. The best part was that these healthy snack recipes for kids were things I would eat right along with them, keeping my own energy up. This is crutial as mamas so often forget to feed themselves. Don't do that!

Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids*

kids lunch ideas
Snack Platters or Combo Plate Ideas
The number one snack (especially for lunch, which is like one big snack here) technique we use is to provide what we call combo plates or platters. The idea is simple and the presentation is pretty. Just good, yummy whole foods all arranged on a platter. Preferably a divided platter, tray or muffin tin but arranged on a plain tray is fine too. It is like a mini-buffet for the little ones and they can pick and choose what they like. There will always be a couple things they'll eat and you don't have to stress.

healthy snack recipes for kids
Kale Chips for Kids
Kale for kids? You bet. The first time my four year old son tried these he said "gross" before tasting them. And then he tasted them and promptly changed his tune. This is one of my favorite healthy snack recipes for kids in fact. They are salty and crunchy and have a yummy crunchy texture that sort of melts in your mouth. Hard to describe. Kale is loads better for you than potato chips and these are so very easy to make! This is the perfect way for kids to get their greens in a deliciously satisfying snack.

homemade baby food smoothie
Sneaky Smoothies
We are big fans of smoothies in our house. They are easy (just blend a bunch of stuff in a blender...done!) and they taste delicious. We freeze the leftovers and the kids eat it with a spoon later, which they call "smoothie ice" and they consider a treat. Some of our favorites include combos of fresh or frozen fruits, plain yogurt, coconut, crushed almonds, flax seed meal, nutritional yeast, spinach and kale.

baby wrap pattern
Everything Pancakes
Pancakes are just begging to be used for snacks during the day. Add shredded carrots, zucchini or spinach for salty, savory pancakes. Use a whole-grain batter and serve them up plain to be eaten with their hands. You can even add eggs to your batter for protein. Or for a sweeter treat, add raspberries, blueberries or smashed strawberries and serve with plain yogurt to dip in.

how to make baby bread
Veggie & Fruit Breads
Veggies and fruits added to homemade baked bread is way healthier (and way more delicious) than serving up store bought breads or crackers. Cut in strips and serve with plain yogurt, nut butters or hummus. We always use whole wheat flour and add even add flax, oats or other whole grains. Freeze a full loaf to make it last longer and cut off slices as you need them.

***Please note that there are potential allergy issues when introducing new foods to your child. You can easily adapt recipes to suit your family for known allergies. will not offer an appropriate age recommendation for these recipes as every child is different. You know your child best, but when in doubt, please ask your pediatrician.

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