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More Baby Handprint Crafts

These handprint craft ideas are SO simple that you don't even need instructions! Just look at these great project ideas and get going. There is so much you can do with handprints whether you work on paper, fabric or 3D impressions and these are just a few things to try.

Canvas Handprint Paintings

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Purchase a tiny (4"x4") pre-stretched canvas. Look for "gallery wrap" style which means that there are no staples showing and it is ready to hang on the wall. I also always select thick ones, that are at least 1" deep so that they can stand on their own as shown. Paint baby's hand with acrylic paint (look for the AP Certified non-toxic seal) and then press firmly onto the center of the canvas. Wash baby's hand immediately with warm soapy water to remove all the paint. You can add the date and name if you like. These would be lovely displayed on a wall over the years or in an arrangement with hand prints from the entire family!

Thank You Cards

handprint craft cards

Buy or make some blank cards and place a single hand stamp on each card. Write "Thanks You!" either freehand or with stamps on each card. These make great thank you cards for birthdays as recipients (especially grandparents and other relatives) will keep and cherish the little handprint card forever! The thank you card becomes a gift in itself! You could also make plain greeting cards with stamps and use them for many occasions.

Hate writing thank cards? For some great ideas on what to say in your thank you cards for baby gifts, check out Christy's Baby Thank You Notes section on her website!

Fabric Gift Bags

handprint craft bags

Purchase (or sew!) plain cotton pouches and stamp baby's handprint on each one. These make excellent birthday party favor bags and also lovely little gift pouches for holiday gift giving used for gifts from baby. When paired with the thank you notes or invites, you have a handprint birthday party theme!

Stationary & Cards Set

handprint craft bags

Use large sheets of thick drawing paper and let baby place hand stamps all over the pages. Use different colors and overlap the prints too. When it is completely dry, use a straight edge and an x-acto knife (or a fancier paper cutter if you have one) and cut out cards and sheets of paper to create stationary sets. You can use these for all kinds of occasions or put a ribbon around a stack and give the cards and stationary set as a gift!

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