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Front Porch Play Room

by Lori
(Northern Ontario, Canada)

Come Play with Me!

Come Play with Me!

Our playroom is really more of the 'where toys live' space as our nearly 3 year old daughter plays throughout the house, and spills out of doors with change of seasons, to include all of nature in our play. Our bookshelves indoors and the old stump down by the water where 'Peter Rabbit' lives are equally a part of our natural play space.

We feel so strongly that children need to be children and that they should be encouraged and nurtured to wonder and imagine~ not to grow up to be consumers. We believe that toys should be tools for play and not the be all and end all of the play. That play should be child lead (not toy driven).

We love natural materials because they warm and live in a child's hands, connecting them to the earth as the source. Natural toys also teach awareness and respect for the environment~ they root kids in the knowledge that everything comes from some place~ be it the fleece of a sheep or the wood from a tree~ it is all connected to us and our lives. We hope that this commitment will teach our daughter to walk lightly on the planet, as we strive to do.

Our daughter's staple toy is her playsilks, followed by the wool play food she prepares for her dogs and dollies to dine on. Our core toys are all handmade. In this photograph we have pictured the outdoor play space we use all summer on our shaded porch. It features our
daddy-made playstand, mommy-made silkies as well as bean bags, babies, natural tree blocks, play food and other wonders made by talented hands for little hands to bring to life.

We love this space because it encourages neighbours (adults and kids!) to stop in for a wool cup of tea and a romp with the unicorn as they go about their daily business~ which is good for everyone ~ we all need to play!

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Aug 15, 2008
by: freedom

yes! i love it! i love the ease and fluidity of the whole house playroom!

Aug 15, 2008
nice idea
by: Randi

What a nice idea to bring out things on the porch and interact with neighbors that way!

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