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Free Baby Sewing Patterns for Feeding & Nursing

Here you'll find free baby sewing patterns such as baby bib patterns for all things feeding & nursing! Nursing and feeding make up a huge, I mean huge portion of baby's life in the early years. So lets make it fashionable, functional and frugal!

These are the items you will rely on and use again and again and again. If you are considering making a gift for a new mama - bibs are always a good choice because everybody uses them and they get messy fast so it is nice to have a few handy while others are in the wash.

Baby bib patterns in particular seem to come in two flavors. Small and cute (I call these "decorative bibs") and the ones that are serious mess catchers. The small, cute ones are for droolers and babies who are pretty clean eaters (I've heard those babies exist - I certainly didn't have one) and the mess catchers are bigger, usually wipeable and will protect clothes from messy monsters.

free baby sewing patterns pocket bib
Free Baby Bib Patterns - Pocket Bib
This pattern is for the ultimate mess catcher! Sewn from just a single piece of fabric, with a folded pocket to catch drips and chunks of food. Serving soup or spaghetti? This is the bib you'll want to use! It is a full-coverage bib, great for ages 12 months and up through the toddler years. Free printage paggern PDF for you to dowbload.

free baby sewing patterns bib
Free Baby Bib Patterns - Birdie Bib
Feed your little baby birdie and catch the drips with this simple, reversible Birdie Pattern. Easy to sew and great for a girl or boy. Pick contrasting colors to make the birdie really stand out! This is for a cotton (or flannel or terry) washable bib. Sizes 9 months and up. Includes free pattern to print and use and full step-by-step photo instructions on the page.

nursing pillow and slipcover pattern
Free Nursing Pillow & Slipcover Patterns
Sew your own nursing pillow or a slipcover for a pillow you already have! Includes free pattern to print and use and a complete tutorial for sewing a pillow that will support baby during breastfeeding. A very easy sewing project with this handy free pattern. Lots of uses for the pillow too, use to support baby when he is learning to sit upright!

diaper baby accessories pattern
Free Baby Sewing Patterns - Burp Cloths
Yeah, eating gets messy. Tutorial for a way to turn plain cloth diaper "pre-folds" into stylish and ultra-absorbant burp cloths. Don't walk around with a plain towel over your shoulder, sew up a few of these to match your diaper bag or your wipes case! Of all the "burp cloths" I've tried, these are by far the most functional because of how absorbant they are! Later, I used these as towels to clean up after eating in the high chair.

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