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Free Baby Bib Pattern - Birdie Bib

Here is yet another free baby bib pattern for you to print and use to sew, this time Birdie Bib! I bet I'm not the only one who thinks about mama birds feeding their babies when their little one starts to eat solid foods. That is what inspired this design.

Very cute, simple yet unique bib pattern, the sky is the limit depending on which fabrics you choose and great for girls or boys. Pick two contrasting fabrics to make the birdie really stand out in the design. This one fits size 9 months and up and it shown on my 12 month old.

free baby bib pattern

For this one, I like to use quilting weight cotton because it cuts nicely and is absorbant. This bib is ideal for catching minor drips and liquid spills. If you use quilting cotton, this is a washable bib that you can just toss in the washer and dryer.

If you need a serious bib that will catch a lot of mess, be sure to check out my Free Baby Bib Pattern - Pocket Style which is also available free to print.

Materials Needed:

  • 11" x 15" cotton fabric for front
  • 11" x 15" cotton fabric for back
  • 10" x 8" scrap of fabric for birdie applique
  • Heat N' Bond & iron for birdie applique (optional)
  • hook & loop (Velcro) or snaps

"Birdie" Free Baby Bib Pattern Instructions:

Here is Birdie - free baby bib pattern in PDF format for you to print.

It will print on 2 regular letter sized pages for you to tape together. Make sure you are printing without margins. The instructions are not included in the PDF, they are written out on this page.

First, print out the PDF and tape it all together as shown. Then, cut out your bib pattern and trace onto your fabric. Be sure to trace pattern on the proper sides of your fabric so they'll fit together with the right sides facing out. This pattern makes a reversable bib, but you don't have to do the birdie applique on both sides - up to you.

birdie bib pattern unique bib pattern

Once you have your two bib layers cut out (front and back) cut the birdie off the main template. You can simply trace this directly onto your fabric and cut out or you can use heat and bond as shown below. I like to use Heat N Bond to avoid using pins and it makes it easier to sew on the applique.

Trace bird onto Heat N Bond (make sure the bird's head it pointing LEFT) then cut out. For the reverside side of the bib, flip the bird over so his head is pointing to the RIGHT.

bird applique for bib applique bib

Iron your Heat N Bond bird shape onto the wrong side of your bird fabric and cut out. Then, peel the paper backing off to reveal the shiny glue side of the bird.

iron bib applique bird applique template

Finally, iron on the bird applique shape onto the front of your bib and then sew all the way around the top edges. The very bottom of the bird doesn't need to be stitched on, because it will be stitched on when you sew your bib layers together.

iron unique baby bib stitch applique bib

Next, I like to attach my hook & loop at this point, so you can't see where they are sewn on. This creates a more professional, finished look but this is totally optional! You can attach your hook & loop or snaps at the very end if you want.

Arrange your layers of bib to be the way they'll look when it is finished to make sure you attach your hook & loop or snaps the right way. Lay them down and then sew along the outer edges of the hook and loop.

handmade baby bib homemade baby bib

So now you should have both sides of your free baby bib pattern all set and ready to go. Put right sides together and sew around the outer edge, leaving an opening as shown below to turn it right side out. Once turned, stitch the opening shut.

free baby bib pattern to print free baby bib pattern instructions

Finish by pressing with an iron. (and if you didn't do it earlier, attach your snaps or hook & loop now, obviously) Quick! Find a baby and test it out!

free birdie bib pattern printable bib pattern

And before someone asks about the photo below - no, I don't feed my baby whole pumpkins. I had to give him something to play with so he didn't rip off the bib! Ahem, nothing wrong with the bib, he is just in a bib ripping off stage!

free baby bib patterns

Enjoy my free baby bib pattern & happy sewing!!

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