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Free Applique Patterns & Instructions for Baby Applique

baby applique Use these free applique patterns for baby applique and decorate onesies, shirts, pjs, pants and more using felt. Felt is an ideal material for applique because the edges cut cleanly and do not fray. If you can put together a puzzle you can create with felt! Just some simple hand stiching will do - sewing machine not required for this one. A tiny nail scissors is a great tool for cutting small pieces of felt cleanly.

First, you can draw or trace your design on fusible web. If using one of the free applique patterns simply print it out, cut out the shapes and then trace onto your fusible web. Next, cut out the individual shapes apart, being careful that the shiny, plasticy side of your fusible web doesn't peel off.

Ignore very small sections, such details in eyes. These are best hand-stitched with some embroidery floss, rather than trying to cut them out with the felt. Also, perfection is not always the goal, you can always trim the felt until it suits you.

applique owl pattern

Next, iron the fusible web sections onto your felt. Felt often takes very high heat and a few more seconds than cotton to fuse it properly. Once fused, cut out the felt, and then peel off the paper backing, exposing the other shiny side of the fusible web.

baby applique owl
Arrange your baby applique pieces onto your baby onesie or other item and set with an iron. It takes very high heat to go through the felt and a few more seconds than when working with plain cotton.

finished felt owl applique
With a very strong fuse you do not need to stitch the edges because the felt will not fray. However, hand-stitching edges or machine stitching the edges will make it last much longer as even the very best fusible web will not withstand several washes. Since baby clothes are often washed repeatedly, I recommend a finishing stitch around the edges. Embroidery floss in contrasting colors is an easy way to hand stitch fast and offers another decorative element to the design.

Especially if you are trying to fuse felt to felt you will need a very hot iron and extra pressing time. Stitching will be necessary to make the baby appliqued onesie last through washings.

tree applique shirt

These free applique patterns PDF for baby applique include a bird, owl and a tree applique. These are for your personal use only and can not be used to make baby clothes that you will sell. Simply print out, cut out and then trace onto your fusible web.

felt applique on baby

Please enjoy these patterns and have fun learning to applique. Be sure to also check out the printed fabric applique instructions for even more ideas!

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