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For my one and only

by Inga Jociene
(Kaunas, Lithuania)

Please describe and tell us about your baby blanket.

This is my first knitted baby blanket. It is for the newborn so the size is only 80 cm width and 120 cm length. It's very soft and worm because of the material I was using for it. I knit the blanket being pregnant so I put all worm and deepest feeling in to it. I believe it gave particular good energy to this blanket. I hope my baby-boy enjoys to sleep covered by it ;)

What yarn and needles did you use and where did you get them? Why did you pick this yarn?

100% merino wool yarns (On Line), circular bamboo needles, crochet and flannel fabric were used for this baby blanket. It was bought in Casa Lana shop in Kaunas city (Lithuania). Yarn are very worm, soft and pleasant to baby the sensitive skin. By the way, yarns I got as a birthday gift for my new born from my friends ;)

Tell us more about your design. Was it inspired by another pattern? Why did you pick those colors?

For the first I have check a lot of different kind of blanket designs in specialized magazines, web sites, forums. But finally decided to knit blanket with my own design. I wanted to be blanket very special and interesting, with very classic snowflake pattern because of winter time.
That's why I have used different techniques: needles, crochet and flannel fabric for bottom side. Colors were pick green, blue and white because I knew we will have baby-boy ;)
Blanket was knit by stages:
1) Firstly knit inside part
2) Then knit bottom, side and top stripes with snowflakes and attached to the inside part
3) Then go around with crochet mixing colors
4) Then sew a bottom blanket from flannel and attach it to knitted blanket.

Did you run into any problems when knitting your baby blanket? How long did it take you to knit?

Only one problem appeared - what size the blanket must be, because I wanted it to be not too small and not too big ;)

I knit it about 2 months. But if to do it every day, might be possible to do it in 2-3 weeks.

Anything else you'd like to share about your baby blanket or knitting in general?
I strongly recommend to knit baby blanket originally because baby is the only one, and blanket for him/her has to be the one ;)
Wish you all the best in creating something new and worm!!!

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