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Floppy Flower Hat

by Jonah Lisa Dyer
(Teton Valley, Idaho, USA)

My Little Flapper

My Little Flapper

My Little Flapper My Little Flapper 2

Here is a simple beanie style baby hat with a rolled brim and a floppy flower on the side. I think it looks like a flapper hat form the 20's. My 2 year old daughter loves this hat.

Koigu Kersti Merino Crepe is a handpainted yarn without the handpainted yarn price. I used it because my local yarn shop, Mountain Knits in Driggs Idaho, has a whole wall of this stuff that make the place look like the inside of a candy shop!

I created this pattern while searching for the perfect Nordic Ski Hat--lightweight, sturdy and warm. I quickly realized that with a few embellishments, it was the perfect hat for anyone, on or off the XC trails.

I CO80 and knit in the round from the very beginning so the stockinette would roll up for the brim. I knit 6 1/2 inches then began the simple decrease pattern that creates a nice swirl at the crown. The flower is CO24, knit in the round for 1 1/2 inches, then K2tog for 2 rows. Cinch it up in the middle and attach to the hat with a cute button in the middle.

No problems knitting at all. I've got this hat down to 1 evening watching TV followed by a bit of time the next day doing the flower.

I plan on publishing my "BUILD-A-BEANIE" pattern on my blog and Ravelry soon. There will be 3 sizes (baby, child/small adult & large adult) and it will include the basic pattern above crown shaping instructions and then a menu of different trims (rolled and various ribs) and embellishment so you can create many different hats from the same pattern.

This has really become my go to hat--with the floppy flower version my go to for little girls. It's so easy and quick but allows enough variation that you don't get bored making the same hat over and over again.

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Feb 10, 2012
love it NEW
by: Anonymous

Do you have the decrease pattern on your blog yet?
I would love to make this for my niece.

Nov 18, 2010
love it
by: Jen

I love it and goes with her outfit so well!!! :)

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