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Fleece Baby Blanket Patterns

These fleece baby blanket patterns are simple yet stunning and very cuddly.

Fleece is an easy material to work with for blankets because it doesn't unravel so the edges don't even need to be finished.

If you have environmental concerns about using fleece (which is made of polyethylene terephthalate, aka PET, polyester plastic) look for eco-fleece, which is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, including soda/water bottles. You can also look for bamboo fleece or cotton fleece if you are seeking natural materials.

A note about sizes: We often get emails asking "What size should a baby blanket be?" The answer is always "It depends!" It really does depend on what the blanket will be used for. A 30" by 34" makes a small throw for the carseat or stroller. A 40" by 40" makes a great swaddling size. While a 38" by 48" is great for a crib comforter. A standard rule of thumb is to have your measurements between 30" and 50" for baby blankets.

Edging Ideas for Fleece Baby Blanket Patterns:

Blanket Stitch

fleece baby pattern

half cross blanket stitch

There is a reason the "blanket stitch" is called a blanket stitch. Yep, it works great on blankets. This stitch is an easy way to create a decorative edge, especially if you use a contrasting thread. Embroidery floss is a good thickness for edging fleece baby blankets and is washable and colorfast.

The stitch shown is a variation of a blanket stitch, called a half-cross blanket stitch or a "V" blanket stitch.

Scalloped Edging

fleece baby patterns

Blanket edges don't have to be straight! A scalloped edge works well with fleece. Look for household items to trace to get a perfectly rounded scallop, such as CDs or mason jar lids.

There are two methods to crochet an edging directly onto your fleece baby blanket. In the image shown, it was done by piercing evenly spaced holes all the way around the blanket edge with a bead reamer (but any sharp skewer will work) and then a single crochet row was added all the way around with the crochet hook inserted in the pre-punched holes. The other way is to first embroider a blanket stitch all the way around and then crochet onto it.

No-Sew Fleece Baby Blanket Patterns

no sew fleece blanket

I'll spare you the details since anyone who has been to a craft fair or baby shower in the last 10 years has seen these, but in a nutshell, you cut 4" or 5" from each corner of two pieces of same sized fleece, cut slits all the way around to create "ties" and then tie the two pieces of fleece together to create a thick blanket.

The good news is that there is no sewing involved. The bad news is that these are usually pretty ugly. There, I said it.

However, you just can't beat these for how easy they are, would make a great project for a big sister or big brother to make for the new baby!

Go to the Make Your Own Baby Bedding & Blankets Section for more project ideas!

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Fleece Blanket Ideas:

  • embroider baby's name on one corner
  • make a double sided blanket with two layers of contrasting colors
  • make a miniature version as a "lovey" or doll blanket


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