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First Birthday Cake Ideas & Instructions

...for homemade baby birthday cakes

Here are some first birthday cake ideas and instructions for you to use or to inspire you! All of these ideas of course can be used for children of any age so keep these designs in mind for future years.

Parents often put a lot of effort into baby's first birthday party - and you should! Afterall, it is your celebration too, you've been a parent for one whole year and that is a wonderful accomplishment.

I've always preferred homemade cakes over storebought ones. It seems very sweet to make a cake especially for baby to enjoy. Looking back at my own childhood birthday cakes, it was the homemade ones that I remember, somehow, even at a young age I must have appreciated all the work that went into them.

Parents often look for first birthday cake ideas that they can use with special recipes (avoiding dairy or eggs or wheat for example) and all of these cakes can be made with any recipe! The creative part of these cakes is simply using different pans and arranging the parts into shapes. Really simple, you can do it!

castle cake

Castle First Birthday Cake Ideas
Create an amazing 3D castle cake (don't worry, it is easy) for your little princess or prince. This one uses just two pans, cupcakes and ice cream cones and a whole lot of frosting as the adhesive to put is all together. Yum!

octopus baby cake

Octopus Cake
Is your baby a grabby little octopus who gets into everything? Or perhaps you want to do an ocean theme? Here is a simple octopus design that uses just two pans. Make the octopus body a special cake for baby and the larger one for the other guests.

easiest birthday cake

Easiest Ever Cake Decorating Idea
This idea isn't for baby's first birthday unless he or she is exceptionally precocious. This one is great though for the budding artist and especially for parents who don't find joy in decorating a cake themselves. So easy and brilliant!


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Baby Cake Tip

If you are using a special recipe for baby's cake (no eggs, dairy, etc) make just one small part of your cake using this recipe and use another recipe (chocolate anyone?) for the larger parts for the adults to enjoy.

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