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Easy 2-Strand Blanket

by Jerilyn Rademacher
(Westerville, OH)

Laid out

Laid out

Laid out Detail Obvious lighting differences My friend's son with his blanket

Please describe and tell us about your baby blanket.

I made this blanket for a good friend of mine after finding out she was pregnant and it was going to be a boy. It was my first real knitting project so it needed to be easy, practical (i.e. soft and washable), and obviously look nice in the end.

The blanket was super easy - just garter stitch the whole way with two strands of yarn combined and used as one.

As a mom of young kids myself, it turned out very practical - it was soft, no holes (i.e. lace work) for little fingers, toes, hands, arms, etc. to get caught in, and is completely machine washable and dryable.

And it ended up looking very nice - the use of two colors and the boucle effect of the yarn made the garter stitch more interesting to look at well as a bit more textured.

When finished the blanket is warm and heavy - good for Ohio winters. :) And it is substantial enough that it should hold up for many, many years.

What yarn and needles did you use and where did you get them? Why did you pick this yarn?

I used the crayon boucle yarn from Knit Picks in Lime and Azure, and I used size 10 bamboo circular needles (32" I think) I bought at JoAnn's.

I chose the crayon boucle yarn for several reasons. First, the colors are bright and bold, which is always nice for kids projects. Second, the yarn also had a nice texture to it to make the overall project more interesting. Third, it is made of 100% Pima Cotton so it is completely machine washable and dryable (nice and easy for a new mom) and exceptionally soft and a natural material.

Tell us more about your design. Was it inspired by another pattern? Why did you pick those colors?

The design is simply garter stitch (all knit stitch) for the whole thing, using the two colors as one strand of yarn. I cast on 200 stitches to start and after that I knit using 7 skeins of each color (14 total).

Being my first project I went online looking for ideas and patterns. I came across another woman's blog where she described this blanket using this yarn, although her's was a little smaller (I think she used 5 or 6 skiens and cast on around 150 stitches). This is also how I discovered Knit Picks yarn. I have tried to find the blog and pattern again but have been unsuccessful.

And I chose these colors because the baby is a boy (the Azure, blue color) and the nursery decor was green (the Lime), and I thought it was a interesting pair and looked nice together.

Did you run into any problems when knitting your baby blanket? How long did it take you to knit?

I didn't run into any real problems while knitting, except that everyone in my family got sick for about 3 months straight in the middle of making the blanket. Since this was for a baby I wasn't comfortable knitting while the house was full of sick germs. So, the knitting took way longer than it should have. I spent about 8 months on it with the 3-4 month break in the middle.

Anything else you'd like to share about your baby blanket or knitting in general?

I believe this is the perfect blanket for a beginner. The stitch is easy, you don't have to count or follow pattern directions, and I was able to do it in the evenings while watching TV. It isn't a daunting task of a blanket. It also allows for some creativity in choosing the yarn colors because it can be any combination from a basic pink/blue and white to any crazy combo you can think of.

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