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Diaper Bag Sewing Patterns, Diaper Wipes Cases, Accessories & More!

In this section you'll find diaper bag sewing patterns, diaper wipes case pattern, diaper bag accessories, hand-sewn wipes, cloth diaper washing instructions and so much more! Tons of diaper related crafting at your fingertips!

Whether you use cloth diapers or disposable diapers, many of these crafts have adapted instructions for both. If you are making any of these projects as a gift, find out if they will use cloth diapers or disposables as many people are being turned onto cloth diapering. Someone using disposables won't need a batch of cloth wipes while someone using cloth may appreciate a slightly larger diaper and wipes case.

If you are just now considering cloth vs disposable, check out the heath, environment and cost cloth diapering facts and educate yourself on the benefits of cloth.

free diaper bag sewing pattern
Free Diaper Bag Sewing Pattern
A PDF pattern for you to print out and use. Free! This is a lovely pattern that I designed and call the "Detour Diaper Bag" pattern. Very roomy yet stylish enough to be a regular bag. Doesn't have that boxy boring look that many diaper bags do. Full tutorial and a seven page pdf to print and tape together.

diaper bag sewing pattern
Diaper Bag Sewing Pattern
A customizable pattern for you to create your ultimate diaper bag! Pick fabrics that suit your own personal taste and the number of pockets based on your needs and you can't go wrong with this sturdy bag. An easy starter bag for complete beginners and more advanced sewers can take the basic pattern and tweak it!

diaper accessories pattern
Diaper & Wipes Case Pattern
Simple and quick sewing pattern for a handy storage pouch to hold wipes, a diaper or two and even small changing mat. This makes it a snap to switch between diaper bags (just toss this pouch in a new bag) or simply carry this small pouch to a restroom for changes. Keeps your bag organized and stylish!

placemat diaper bag
Placemat Diaper Bag Instructions
Yes, that is correct, a diaper bag sewn from a placemat and some accent fabric for the strap! A funky way to get a unique look, re-use materials and end up with a simple and sturdy bag. You'll look at your table textiles in a whole new way.

diaper wetbag
Wet Bag Pattern
A wet bag is on my "must have" list for parents who ever want to leave the house, whether they plan to cloth diaper or not. Other than soiled diapers, they are also handy for soiled clothes (can you say "poop explosion") and wet swimsuits. I also love them for dirty bibs after eating out at a restaurant.


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