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Customizable Diaper Bag Pattern With Instructions

diaper bag patternUse this diaper bag pattern to sew your own perfect diaper bag! Use fabrics you love and add as many or as few pockets to create you own ultimate carry-all. These basic instructions will help guide you in creating a very sturdy and cute bag. Increase or decrease dimensions to find the size that suits you.

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The instructions and example shown is for a medium to large sized diaper bag with several extra pockets for sippy cups, mama's water bottle, keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. These pockets are perfect for me at my son's age, but you may need more or less! Before you start, decide how many pockets you'd like and what you'll use them for then adjust the diaper bag pattern accordingly.

free diaper bag pattern

Click here to download the body pattern pdf shown above and here to download the pocket examples pdf if you would like to print the these out. However, once you see the pattern pieces and see the construction you can easily measure and cut out your own pieces on your own. Pattern pieces are all simple rectangles so you really don't need a pattern!.

diaper bag pieces

Diaper Bag Pattern Instructions:

Wash & Cut - Pre-wash your fabric since you will want to be able to wash your diaper bag and you'll need to allow for shrinkage before you cut. I use upholstery/decorating weight fabrics for these since they are much heavier weight than quilting cottons. You can also use a waterproof lining fabric if you like, but I haven't found this necessary as long as the bag is washable. Iron and cut out all your fabric pieces for your exterior and interior body, strap and pockets.

diaper bag zipper instructions

Sew Interior Large Zipper Pocket (optional) - Start by sewing your zipper pocket that will be on the inside of the bag. I use this pocket for my lip gloss and wallet and I use a 7" zipper. Trace the zipper on the pocket and then cut a window as shown.

diaper bag zipper instructions

Press edges down and then position and pin zipper behind the window and then sew. This pocket can now be lined (optional) or simply sewn down onto one of your interior panels.

diaper bag pockets

Sew Smaller Sippy Cup Interior Pockets (optional) - There are many ways to make pockets, lined and unlined. This is just one of them, a way to cheat and do it very fast. If you want lined pockets you can simply cut out a rectangle that is twice the length of your pocket, fold outer edges and iron and then fold in half and iron flat. Then sew directly onto your interior fabric panel.

diaper bag pockets

Position your pockets on the interior panel and sew on.

diaper bag liner

Sew lining of bag - Match up your two liner pieces wrong sides out and sew the three sides as shown above. Make sure that your pockets are facing each other on the inside.

bag corner instructions

bag corner instructions

Now take one corner of your bag and match up the stitching. Pinch these edges together and then stitch shut. Only sew one corner of the bag and leave the other one open. This open hole in the liner is necessary to pull your bag parts right side out later.

outer pocket instructions

Sew outer shell and outer pockets - Sew the outer shell of the bag the exact same way as the liner, but sew shut both corners. You can sew on your pockets before you piece together the liner or after. If you are sewing pockets that span the side seam of your bag (like the two side pockets above) you'll need to sew it together first, turn right side out and then sew on the pockets. Placement of your pockets is totally up to you, this is the beauty of this diaper bag pattern!

diaper bag strap instructions

diaper bag strap instructions

Sew strap - For a sturdy and thick strap you can use fusible interfacing if you like. Fold your strap edges in around the interfacing and iron. Next, stitch both edges of your strap.

sew strap

Assembling the Bag - Now the fun part, you are almost there! Take your outer fabric and turn it inside out. Then lay down your strap inside the outer fabric and stitch the strap on. Next, lay the liner fabric inside your outer fabric. The liner fabric should be inside out as well, so the outer fabric pockets and the inner fabric pockets are facing each other. Finally, sew all the way around the top edge.

diaper bag pattern instructions

button closure

Pull the bag right side out through the corner hole that you left in the liner and then sew up the hole. You can hand stitch this hole so you can't see the stitching or you can just do it fast on your sewing machine like I do to save time. Add a button closure or velcro closure if you like. You can also sew all along the top of the bag if you like or you can just press with an iron.

Finished Diaper Bag Photos - As you can see, this diaper bag pattern creates a bag that can hold a lot of stuff. Clothes, diapers, toys, books, shoes, a sippy cup, wallet, keys and more! Yet, it still isn't too huge for me, just the perfect size for a day out.

diaper bag interior

diaper bag sewing pattern

Enjoy creating your own ultimate carryall with this diaper bag pattern! Make it larger (increase all measurements by 3 inches for example) or make it smaller to suit your taste. Add or subtract pockets until you reach exactly what you want. Then proudly pack your bag and enjoy all the "Where did you get your diaper bag?" and "You made that?!" questions next time you go out.

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