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Make Diaper Bag Accessories - Burp Cloth Instructions

diaper bag accessories burp cloth One of the most essential diaper bag accessories is of course a burp cloth. Especially when a baby is younger and spits up often, you'll never want to leave the house without one! Even as my son grows I find myself using these for spills on tables as he learns to use a cup, to clean his hands and face after eating, as an emergency changing mat and many other toddler related messes.

You can of course sew one completely from scratch, but I found that the most important thing in a burp cloth is size and absorbency. It needs to be big enough to not slide around on your shoulder and absorbent enough to handle projectile vomiting for me to give it an A+ functional rating. The only thing I found that made up the perfect burp cloth are plain old diaper "pre-folds" but they are boring! Who wants to throw a plain white diaper over your shoulder when other burp cloths come in cute patterns and colors?

Time to get crafty! Buy a pack of plain white cloth diaper pre-folds at your local baby store. Even the huge chains carry these, although I don't know anyone who actually use them for diapers. I like the Gerber brand because they are nice and thick.

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Pick out some cute fabric and trim the diapers with it. In a few short minutes, they no longer look like plain diapers but cute burb cloths! Coordinate fabrics with your other diaper bag accessories like your wipes case or even your bag.

diaper burp cloth

diaper burp cloth chickens

A very basic project that you can build on! Since they are made of cotton, why not try dyeing your diaper bag accessories some fun colors!

Another thing I love about these is that when the kids have grown they become handy wash rags and eventually I can cut them up and put them in our compost bin since they are 100% cotton and they will feed our plants. A very cheap investment with a very useful lifespan!

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