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DIY Diaper Accessories: Wipes Case Pattern

wipes case diaper accessories Get your diaper accessories organized with this handy wipes case! Roomy enough to hold a standard travel wipes case, a diaper or two and even a small folded changing mat. So simple to sew up and you can pick fabrics that coordinate with your bag.

I use my wipes case to easily switch between bags, since this case is what makes my bag a "diaper bag" more than anything. My husband likes it because he can just grab this small pouch for changes and not have to lug my girly diaper bag to the bathroom.

diaper wipes case pattern

sew diaper accessories

1) To begin, you will need to cut two rectangles of 8" x 11" and two more 8" x 11" rectangles with a 5" high triangle at the top. You do not need to stick with this shaped closure. You could simply extend the height of 2 of the rectangles of fabric 5 inches, or try a rounded shaped flap instead of a point. You need to cut two of each shape for a lined bag which will be more sturdy, but you can pick a different lining fabric if you like.

sew edges

wipes case sewn

2) Place your 2 fabric shapes wrong sides against each other and sew the edges except for the bottom so that you can turn them right side out. Turn right side out and press with an iron if needed.

inside out wipes case

diaper case pattern

3) Next, sew the two pieces (front & back of the wipes case) together, also inside out. Make sure that the fabrics you want for the outside of your pouch are sewn on the inside. Sew sides and bottom and then turn right side out.

wipes case

finished wipes case

handmade wipes case

4) After turning right side out you can press again with an iron if needed to flatten the fabric and to press the flap down. Finally, add a closure, either velcro, a button or a snap. Then fill your lovely new wipes case with your diaper accessories and toss into your bag!

easy diaper case pattern

These instructions show two fabric colors being used for front and back, but if you want the same fabric for the entire pouch to hold your diaper accessories then you can use an even more simple pattern and just fold the bottom rather than sew it. Cut fabric 8" wide, but 22" high (plus the triangle or whatever flap style you pick) and it is even more fast to sew up!

You could embellish solid colored fabric with freezer paper stencils or add felt applique or add ribbon trim, buttons, etc. Try out a zipper closure or increase the dimensions to suit your needs!

Have fun building on this very basic idea and don't forget that these diaper accessories make excellent handmade gifts for new parents too.

Go to the Diaper Bag Sewing Patterns Section for more project ideas!

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